Crossing the Nullabour on the Indian Pacific

Written by Ruan M, from Travel Club by Wyndham.  Last year I was lucky enough to ride the

Vacation Credits – What’s your Type?

  Have you got Vacation Credits in your account that have ‘WMTS’, ‘WM’ or ‘WMA’ and every time you see it you’ve questioned ‘What does that really mean?’   If you want to talk to an expert regarding your Ownership then why not also attend one of our Online Conference Calls with other WorldMark Owners?

4. Let the Guidelines Guide you

As humans, there are guidelines surrounding nearly everything we do. Booking accommodation, be it online, through a Travel agency or with your WorldMark South Pacific Club Vacation Credits is no different!

3. Accommodation Destinations Overseas

One of the great things about being a WorldMark South Pacific Club Owner is that there are additional destination options (outside of your WorldMark South Pacific Club resorts) around the globe you may have access to, especially if you are a Privileges by Wyndham member. This blog is going to have a look at how

1. Dreaming of holidaying overseas, using your WorldMark Ownership?

Would you like to find out how to get the most from your WorldMark South Pacific Ownership when

The Registry Collection® Affiliate – Club Paradiso Platinum Yachts

Holiday with a Difference! The Registry Collection® (TRC) offers Privileges Platinum members, and 100 Club members access to some unique and amazing exchange options around the globe for which you can pay using your Privileges Qualified Vacation Credits.

The Go-Getter’s Guide to RCI

‘Because Your Holiday Means the World to Us’ If you want to talk to an expert regarding your Ownership then why not also attend one of our Online Conference Calls with other WorldMark Owners? They are fun and interactive; they are also good if you want a refresher on the basics. Head to and


“The Key to new experiences for our Members” The Registry Collection®… now doesn’t that sound exclusive. Haven’t heard of it? Well you have come to the right place! I am going to explain it for you, so you can learn all about this less talked about or should I say most exclusive Privileges by Wyndham

8 Stunning Places to Visit in Canada (on a Canada & Alaska Club Tour)

Where in the world would you get a once-in-a-lifetime trip with unbelievable photos and memorable experiences? Canada, of

Privileges Platinum

I hope you’re excited about the next Privileges Tier we are going to cover – Privileges Platinum. For

Privileges Diamond Uncovered

Privileges Diamond is the third tier level that is available as part of the Privileges by Wyndham program.

Privileges Elite Unveiled

I hope you are all enjoying your amazing Privileges benefits at your Club Resorts! In this blog you can discover what extra benefits you are entitled to as a Privileges Elite member and how to use them! Hello and welcome again Privileges members! As a Privileges Elite member you receive all the exciting benefits a

Wyndham Rewards Conference Call Insight

It’s me! Brittany – Your newest Owner Education Consultant! I have the pleasure of hosting the Online Education