10 Signs You Need to Plan a Holiday!

It’s been scientifically* proven that 100% of daydreams about holidays will increase exponentially the warmer the weather gets outside.
*(OK, maybe not scientifically - but it can certainly seem that way!)

With summer looming ahead of us, we need something to look forward to.

You know you need to plan a holiday when: 

1. You consider scrolling through travel images on Pinterest as an essential part of your day. That’s right - essential.


2. You get excited when it is a Saturday, and can wear pyjamas to work.


3. You have your coffee barista on speed dial.


4. You know way more than you wanted to about your colleague’s kids.


5. You believe that being forced to get out of bed on a Monday morning while it’s still dark outside should be a punishable offence.


6. Your thumb is sore from ‘Liking’ all your friends’ travel photos on Instagram. Either that, or you choose to scroll past. Vindictively.


7. You’ve managed to wear two different pairs of shoes to work. How?? Why??

8. You regularly try to use your work’s security swipe card to unlock your front door.


9. Your holiday bucket list is getting longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


10. …You are reading this blog post!

Happy holiday planning :)

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