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Once inducted into the 100 Club, you can expect exclusive benefits for the ultimate comfort and luxury during your WorldMark South Pacific Club travels. 100 Club is the fifth tier level that is available as part of the Privileges by Wyndham program. In this blog you are going to learn even more about your Privileges benefits as we focus on 100 Club members and their entitlements.

I hope you have been using your benefits – if not, that’s okay as after reading the following I’m sure you will come to use all your amazing benefits more and more towards your next and future holidays!

For those who haven’t read the previous Privileges blogs, you will discover an insight on the benefits of each tier including Privileges, Privileges Elite, Privileges Diamond and Privileges Platinum membership. Please ensure you check out the other blogs as it is important for you to understand and discover all of your incredible benefits.

The 5 (five) tiers to the Privileges by Wyndham membership are as per below.

  1. Privileges
  2. Privileges Elite 
  3. Privileges Diamond
  4. Privileges Platinum
  5. 100 Club

So, let me now unveil to you why you are exclusive to the WorldMark South Pacific Club as a 100 Club member!

8978 - The Grand Mayan - Riviera Maya, Mexico

In becoming a 100 Club member you will have 100,000 plus Privileges Qualified Credits annually. Not only do 100 Club members have access to all the benefits of being a WorldMark South Pacific Club Owner and the other Privileges tier benefits but also a range of additional and exclusive benefits such as:


  1. 100 Club Events

Be treated like royalty with our exclusive 100 Club Events where you may find yourself in stunning destinations such as Surfers Paradise, Sydney, Melbourne, Dunsborough and Fiji. However you won’t know where the next one is held until you get an exclusive email invitation – so keep your eye out 100 Club members! Numbers are strictly limited so it is important that you express your interest to avoid missing out!


  1. Travel & Reservation Benefits

Personal Choice – Have your Travel by Wyndham representative personalise your dream itinerary using your Privileges Qualified Credits to book a wide range of travel options which include, but are not limited to, flights, accommodation, tours, travel packages, cruises and transfers. This amazing benefit can be used three times every two years!

 Tip – For example if your Anniversary month is March – from March 2017 you can have two itineraries before March 2018 and from March 2018 only one itinerary can be used before March 2019! A minimum of 45 days validity of annual Vacation Credits are only accepted. These do not include Bonus Credits. Simply contact the Travel Club 1300 850 160 and press extension # 2 to book your next Personal Choice today.


  1. Additional Resort Locations

Urban Escapes – If you feel like a little escape outside of the Club and Associate resorts, this benefit allows you to stay in Australia and New Zealand’s capital cities that do not have a Club or Associate resort! Use your Vacation Credits to stay in cities such as Adelaide, Wellington or Christchurch and explore. Bookings can only be made through the Travel Club and youcan use this wonderful benefit up to three times per anniversary year.

Tip – A maximum of three nights per stay is required and cannot exceed 5,000 vacation Credits per night. All bookings are subject to availability and the Privileges Program Rules.


  1. Online Education Calls

Have you attended the ‘Understanding Privileges by Wyndham’ online conference call?  It’s another fantastic way of learning about your Privileges Benefits and the best thing is you can do them in your PJ’s with a cuppa or a glass of wine from home! If you wish to book visit www.worldmarksp.com/conferencecalls


  1. Additional Memberships

Airport Lounge Membership –As a 100 Club member you can receive one complimentary membership to the Virgin Lounge annually (within Australia). First, you will need to sign up to Virgin’s Velocity membership which you can do for free online. You can enjoy this exclusive benefit by receiving complimentary food, drinks even free Wi-Fi while you relax before you jet set on your holiday! Contact the Travel Club by Wyndham to redeem this fantastic membership.

Wyndham Rewards Exchange Program – As referred to in the first Privileges Blog, you are automatically enrolled into Wyndham Rewards with the ability to earn and redeem Wyndham Rewards points for use on your accommodation, car rentals, gift cards, levies and much more!

As a 100 Club member can also exchange your Privileges Qualified Credits for Wyndham Rewards points up to the annual credit exchange cap (up to 63,000 Credits) for a small exchange fee ($99 flat rate) once every anniversary year.

  • 1,000 Privileges qualified credits can be exchanged for 7,500 Wyndham Rewards points.
Tip: As mentioned you can exchange your Privileges Qualified Credits once every anniversary year so it is important to know exactly how many Privileges qualified credits you need to exchange into Wyndham Rewards points for a reservation because once you exchange the Wyndham Rewards points cannot be exchanged back into Vacation Credits and you will need to wait until your next anniversary year to facilitate your next exchange.


Are you a Premier WorldMark Owner wishing to find out how to join in on the amazing benefits above? Or are you a Privileges member wishing to find out how to take the next step? Feel free to contact the Owner Enhancements Team on AU: 1800 735 757 NZ: +61 7 5512 8721 or simply fill in the form online here.

I hope you are all fascinated by now having read all the amazing and exclusive benefits that you have as a 100 Club member.

Happy Holidaying

Your Owner Education Experts!



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