2. Using your Vacation Credits Overseas

One of the great benefits of being a WorldMark South Pacific Club Owner is that you have access to alternate travel options outside or your WorldMark South Pacific Club, especially if you are a Privileges by Wyndham member.

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This blog is going to focus on, and compare what your booking options are when using Vacation Credits in each of the four main travel options you may have access to as a WorldMark South Pacific Club Owner and Privileges member.

  • WorldMark, The Club
  • RCI®
  • Wyndham Rewards®
  • Travel by Wyndham

Working out which option/s to use when booking overseas travel can be affected by multiple factors, however if you are anything like me, then a major factor is always going to price!

WorldMarkByWyndham   WorldMark, The Club is our sister Club in North America and not only are their Vacation Credit prices very reasonable, the value of one Vacation Credit in WorldMark South Pacific Club is equal to one Vacation Credit in WorldMark, The Club. So, no matter when you exchange, because you’re using Vacation Credits, you mitigate the exchange risk!

Dependant on room size and season, a week (although, you are not limited to only booking a week) will usually cost anywhere between 3,000 and 30,000 Vacation Credits (the 4bd Presidential in Anaheim is 40,000) , plus Housekeeping, with no exchange fee. It is important to note, however, some properties have a Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), which is a government tax that must be paid when making a reservation.

WorldMark, The Club works much the same as WorldMark South Pacific Club, and can be booked online www.worldmarksp.com or through your Owner Services team.  The main difference is there is an 11-month booking window for these properties, compared to a 13-month booking window for your own resorts.

Booking payment summary: For each continuous stay

Vacation Credits + Housekeeping fee (or token)


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An exchange with RCI will cost anywhere between 3,000 and 12,000 Vacation Credits per week, plus an international exchange fee of AUD$229 per week. If you are looking at South Pacific travel the exchange fee is AUD$119 per week. You will also need to supply a Housekeeping token or pay a Housekeeping fee. (Note: fee payable is based on room size and type – as per the current WorldMark South Pacific Club PDS.)

 The below table shows the Vacation Credit rate for one week of accommodation with RCI:


Studio 8,000 6,000 4,000
One-bedroom 9,000 7,000 5,000
Two-bedroom 10,000 8,000 6,000
Three-bedroom 12,000 9,000 7,000
Instant Exchange 3,000 3,000 3,000


If you would like a last minute holiday, try RCI’s Instant Exchange 30 days prior to your intended travel date. At only 3,000 credits for a full week in most accommodation that is still available, plus an exchange fee and Housekeeping.

Similar to WorldMark, The Club, when exchanging with RCI, you are exchanging Credits for Credits. This is another great option to mitigate any currency exchange risk as the majority of your reservations with RCI are made using Vacation Credits.

Just keep in mind that once you exchange Vacation Credits to RCI, they can’t be exchanged back.

Booking payment summary: For each week of exchange

Vacation Credits + Housekeeping fee (or token) + Exchange Fee

RCI  also offer Bonus Weeks 45 days prior to check in – no exchange fee, no Housekeeping fee, and no credits used – and they cost from as little as $219 per week.

Booking payment summary: Per Bonus Week

Cash only – from $219 per week

WR_PlainLogo_NoChevron_No_Tagline_CMYK_DarkBlueThere are two payment options for Wyndham Rewards depending on how many Wyndham Rewards points you have available or would like to use.

o   go free redemption option costs 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points per bedroom per night.  For example, if you want to book a two bedroom apartment, then it will be two times 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points for the night.

o  go fast redemption option 3,000 Wyndham Rewards points plus some cash per bedroom per night. The applicable cash top up amount depends on where and when you’re wanting to book and may be found on the Wyndham Rewards website at www.wyndhamrewards.com.

WorldMark South Pacific Club owners with a Privileges Elite, Diamond or Platinum membership and 100 Club members also have the option of exchanging their Privileges Qualified Credits to Wyndham Rewards points once per Anniversary Year as follows:

  • Privileges Elite:             5 x Wyndham Rewards points for every 1 Vacation Credit
  •                                            E.g.: 10,000 Vacation Credits = 50,000 WRP
  • Privileges Diamond:    6 x Wyndham Rewards points for every 1 Vacation Credit
  •                                            E.g: 10,000 Vacation Credits = 60,000 WRP
  • Privileges Platinum:     7.5 x Wyndham Rewards points for every 1 Vacation Credit
  •                                            E.g:10,000 Vacation Credits = 75,000 WRP
  • 100 Club:                        7.5 x Wdham Rewards points for every 1 Vacation Credit
  •                                            E.g: 10,000 Vacation Credits = 75,000 WRP

An exchange fee applies each time you wish to exchange Privileges Qualified Credits for Wyndham Rewards points and depends on your Privileges membership tier.  Just keep in mind that once you exchange Vacation Credits to Wyndham Rewards points, they can’t be exchanged back.

Wyndham Rewards Points Exchange Fee summary:

Privileges Elite:                 Vacation Credits + Exchange fee of AUD$199
Privileges Diamond:        Vacation Credits + Exchange fee of AUD$149
Privileges Platinum:         Vacation Credits + Exchange fee of AUD$99
100 Club:                            Vacation Credits + Exchange fee of AUD$99

Booking payment summary:

Go Free 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points (per bedroom, per night)

Go Fast: 3000 Wyndham Rewards points plus some cash (per bedroom, per night)

See below table to view how many Vacation Credits this equates to if you have utilised the Wyndham Rewards exchange option

Privileges Tier Exchange Rate(Points per Credit) Wyndham Rewards® Points Per Bedroom Per Night Vacation Credits Per Bedroom Per Night Exchange Fee
Elite 5 15000 3000 $199
Diamond 6 15000 2500 $149
Platinum 7.5 15000 2000 $99
100 Club 7.5 15000 2000 $99


TravelClub_RGB (2) Travel by Wyndham, or ‘Travel Club’, is an accredited travel agency and offer cash options for overseas travel.  There are two ways you may choose to exchange your Vacation Credits towards cash travel through Travel Club:

o   WorldMark To/From: All WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners

o   Personal Choice: Privileges Diamond, Privileges Platinum and 100 Club members only

WorldMark To/From gives Premier Owners the opportunity to package a minimum three-night stay at WorldMark South Pacific Club resorts in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, (excluding Thailand and Hawaii) with selected travel products including flights and car hire. Receive a quote either in Vacation Credits or a combination of Vacation Credits and cash.

Personal Choice is available as a Privileges benefit to Privileges Diamond, Privileges Platinum and 100 Club members.  Personal Choice gives you the option to exchange your Vacation Credits towards any products or services offered by Travel Club for one full travel itinerary, which may also be topped up with cash and can incorporate Club reservations using Credits.

The number of times per Anniversary Year you can use Personal Choice is dependent on your Privileges tier level as follows:

  • Privileges Diamond: Once every other Anniversary Year (i.e. every second Anniversary Year, but not available in consecutive Anniversary Years)
  • Privileges Platinum: Once per Anniversary Year
  • 100 Club: Three times within any two Anniversary Years (but no more than two Personal Choice itinerary’s in one Anniversary Year)

Note: Your Anniversary Year starts on the first day of your Anniversary Month, which is the month when you receive your Annual Vacation Credits each year.

The current exchange rate for Personal Choice is the same as the WorldMark To/From option and also the same for each Privileges tier level, which is AUD$0.06 (6c) per Vacation Credit.

For example, 10,000 Credits is equal to $600 worth of travel products and services booked through Travel Club.

Booking payment summary:

o   Vacation Credits

o   Vacation Credits + Cash

o   Cash Only

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So as you can see best ‘value’ for your Vacation Credits is always going to be using it towards your Club accommodation, however it is also dependent on your Privileges tier and how  many people will be travelling.

For example, if you need a 3 bedroom apartment in North America I would strongly recommend looking with WorldMark, The Club and RCI rather than using the Wyndham  Rewards® go free option.

 To continue learning about your options keep an eye out for the next blog 3.  Overseas Accommodation by Location outlines how each of your four main travel options have  different methods through which they gain availability  and how this affects where their accommodation is located.

If you want the contact details and hours of operation for any of the above Travel options you will find them on the first blog. (Link above)

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