The 20 to-dos of a Perth holiday

Everything great starts with a list. Even Santa Claus uses one to help keep him on track!

A list is a powerful thing, keeping even the smallest of attention spans on target for the ultimate holiday.

For all you list lovers out there who have booked their WorldMark Holiday, or secured a holiday package deal in Perth, check out our epic 20 to-dos for a WA capital holiday!

1. Check the weather

Western Australia can get pretty toasty during the summer, and that’s not for everyone. Check the climate averages for each month and figure out when the climate will suit you best.

2. Book your holiday

As flexible and care-free as our timeshare resorts can be, it’s still always wiser to book ahead (just in case). Timeshare Owners pop online before you book your flights to secure your luxury room at Wyndham Outram Perth.  Not a timeshare Owner?  We may still be able to help.

3. Choose your transport

A taxi will get you to your hotel, but a rental car will take you wherever your heart desires. Take the time to weigh your holiday plans against which transport options are available at Perth Airport.

4. Check out the hotel

Check in, dump bags, bounce on bed, get told off for bouncing on bed, explore hotel. Have you examined Wyndham Outram’s Coffee Lounge and Bar? Continental breakfast is served there daily.

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5. Go for a walk

The region around Wyndham Outram Perth is simply stunning, with Kings Park practically across the road! Walk about for a bit and see what’s nearby.

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6. Pop into the Visitor’s Information Centre

A 20 or so minute walk towards the city centre will bring you to the WA Visitors Centre. It is open 9am until 5.30pm weekdays, 9.30am to 4.30pm Saturday and 11am until 4.30pm Sunday.

7. Grab a million brochures

The WA Visitors Centre will have tonnes of information on what attractions are available in Perth. Plus the staff will know even more.

8. Tour the area

Time to tour! City Sightseeing Tours offers plenty of hop-on/hop-off sightseeing tours on an open-topped double decker bus.

9. Treat yourself

When dinner time comes, treat yourself to the best. Friends, Opus and Galileo Restaurants rank very well on TripAdvisor, taking out the top spots regularly.

10. Rest up!

Return to your luxury apartment and lay your head down for some well-earned rest. The rest of your holiday awaits!

11. Wake up early

Can you stand the sound of an alarm clock at six or seven in the morning? The earlier you get up, the more you can do with your day.

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12. Tour the Duyfken

Located near Freemantle, the Duyfken is a classic tall-masted sailing ship from 1606. Well, it’s a replica – but it looks the part! Book in advance and you can even sail the Swan River on this majestic boat.

13. Learn how to pronounce Duyfken

We can’t help you here. Best ask the crew!

14. Race around Adventure World

Just south of the Perth CBD is the state’s only theme park, Adventure World. It has some truly exciting attractions, such as Skull Rock, The Shotgun and The Black Widow.

15. Hit the beaches (all of them)

During your time here, make sure to try as many of Perth’s beaches as possible. That means City, Cottesloe, Scarborough, Sorrento and any more you can find!

16. Relax in the park

Back towards your hotel, Kings Park makes for a great walking/relaxing spot, especially when combined with the Botanical Gardens. Oh, did we mention it’s also the largest inner city park in the world?

17. Experience a thing

There are events on regularly throughout the Perthian year. That means theatre, festivals, markets, art shows … you name it, Perth’s got it!

18. Get sciency

Did you bring along the kids to Perth? Scitech, located nearby Wyndham Outram, will blow their minds with its robots, mammoths, cosmic giants and other great exhibitions!

19. More wining and dining

Have you remembered to eat and drink during all this excitement? Try Hula Bula Bar, NAO Japanese and The Aviary as well.

20. Fly home, satisfied

Eventually the time will come when you have to go home, but remember: With Wyndham Timeshare, you can always come back again if you want!

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