3. Accommodation Destinations Overseas

One of the great things about being a WorldMark South Pacific Club Owner is that there are additional destination options (outside of your WorldMark South Pacific Club resorts) around the globe you may have access to, especially if you are a Privileges by Wyndham member.

This blog is going to have a look at how a specific destination may help you decide which of your four main travel options will be the most likely to get you the location you desire!

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1. Dreaming of holidaying overseas, outside of your South Pacific Resorts?

2. Using your Vacation Credits Overseas

The four main travel options you have if you wish to use your Ownership towards travelling overseas are:

  • WorldMark, The Club
  • RCI®
  • Wyndham Rewards®
  • Travel by Wyndham®

They each have their own unique way of sourcing and booking accommodation and this impacts the locations they can offer.

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Anaheim Ext 2

WorldMark, The Club

WorldMark, The Club is our sister Club in North America. With over 90 resorts, the majority of the properties are located on the West Coast of North America, however there are a few in Florida on the East Coast and Hawaii, as well as Canada, Mexico and the Virgin Islands.

Tip – If you are looking for popular East-Coast destinations such as New York or other areas not mentioned above you will need to refer to your other exchange options.

This diversity and no exchange fee makes WorldMark, The Club a great option if you are wanting to travel to any of the above mentioned areas, and may I suggest this be one of your first stops when looking for accommodation as you can be assured the properties will be of a similar standard to what you are used to within your South Pacific Club. Also as mentioned in the ‘Using Vacation Credits Overseas blogit is great value for Credit as it offers a Credit for Credit exchange, mitigating any exchange risk.


RCI provides a platform for timeshare Owners around the world to exchange their timeshare accommodation with each other. Even better, weeks can be accessed for incredibly reasonable credit rates with over 4,300 affiliated resorts in over 110 Countries throughout the world.

Because the accommodation is offered at timeshare resorts, you may find that the majority of destinations are located outside inner city areas; as traditionally, timeshare resorts were developed in relaxing holiday locations.

The other thing you should consider when booking RCI accommodation is that RCI does not own, manage or run any of the resorts and are therefore not directly responsible for the customer service or maintenance and upkeep of the resort and resort apartments.

To give you an indication of the quality or standard of each resort though, each year annual awards are given to RCI Affiliated resorts based solely on feedback from customer comment cards.

Look out for Gold Crown, Silver Crown and Hospitality awarded resorts as these are the resorts who have achieved the highest ratings.

RCI is always a great option if you can be open with your destination preferences, RCI offers flexible accommodation options including a choice of larger units with self-catering facilities. It is perfect for those looking for an experience rather than a specific destination or resort.

Check out all the RCI Affiliated Resorts on www.worldmarksp.com, under Owner Login.

Wyndham Rewards®

Through Wyndham Rewards you will have access to more than 25,000 participating hotels, Condos and Homes around the globe, with a range of star ratings, so you can choose the calibre of accommodation right for your needs.

Another great thing about Wyndham Rewards participating hotels (approximately 8000) is that they are often located in popular destinations and cities. You may find that Condo’s and Homes which offer larger accommodation styles such as 2 and 3 bedroom apartments (approximately 22,000) are in more rural/suburban locations, not right in city centre’s and there are none located in the South Pacific. The below picture from the Wyndham Rewards website gives you an idea of the destinations currently available through Wyndham Rewards.

Wyndham Rewards Destinations

Travel by Wyndham Pty Ltd

Also known as the Travel Club, is an accredited travel agency which has access to book flights, accommodation, cruises, tours and much more – similar to other travel agencies you may have dealt with previously.  Therefore, the Travel Club has a vast number of destinations and availability they can book for you.

On top of this, the Travel Club has highly trained and experienced travel agents who can offer suggestions and advice.  If you book an itinerary with the Travel Club, you can be confident that you will have assistance when you need it – particularly if you are abroad and something doesn’t quite go to plan!

The Travel Club can assist you with WorldMark South Pacific Club, Associate Resort and WorldMark, The Club bookings in conjunction with any other travel products and services they provide. However, if you are planning on using RCI or Wyndham Rewards, you will need to make the reservations yourself, then if you contact the Travel Club, they are able to link up your other accommodation and travel requirements for you.

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So as you can see working out what your best option may be, will vary significantly depending on where you wish to travel to and the type of accommodation you would like to stay in!

If you are dreaming of a specific destination, then knowing the above information can really help you choose who to contact to book your accommodation.

For example, you wouldn’t need to contact WorldMark, The Club if you wanted a white Christmas in Europe!

Let’s move on to the last comparison ‘Let the Guidelines Guide You’ for more useful information.

If you want the contact details and hours of operation for any of the above Travel options you will find them on the first blog

1. Dreaming of holidaying overseas, outside of your South Pacific Resorts?

2. Using your Vacation Credits Overseas


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