3 places to see animals in Port Macquarie

Thinking you need a bit of a Mac attack? 

Not a ravenous McDonald’s excursion, but a relaxing weekend away in the vibrant seaside town of Port Macquarie, of course. If you’ve joined the Wyndham timeshare family and are thinking about a seaside escape, staying at Wyndham Resort Flynns Beach in Port Macquarie is the perfect low-cost holiday idea for you.

While you’re there, take a chance to get acquainted with the local animal population by visiting some of these fantastic destinations.

Billabong Koala and Wildlife Park


Located within easy driving distance of your Port Macquarie Wyndham resort, Billabong Zoo is a great place to see the area’s excellent conservation efforts in action. You see, not only is this a wildlife park where you can spot some Aussie animals up close, but it’s also a world-famous koala breeding centre.

So where should you start here?

If you’re in dire need of a furry friend, head straight for the Pat a Koala attraction at the breeding centre. At 10.30am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm every day a knowledgeable keeper gives a presentation on these Australian icons, which is then followed by a photographic opportunity and your chance to get right up close and pat one!

Alternatively you could go and see a real life monster. Shrek the crocodile is a relatively new addition to Billabong who you can see being fed at 12.30pm every day. Oh, did we mention he’s a whopping 4.2 metres-long?

Also in the park are some mischievous monkeys, superb snow leopards, merry meerkats and plenty more. It’s well worth taking the whole day to explore the park, as keeper talks run throughout the day and are highly informative.

Sea Acres Rainforest Centre

There are plenty of animals out in the wild for you to see too. Sea Acres Rainforest Centre is located just down the road from Flynns Beach and offers a truly immersive natural experience.

Start by delving into the area properly on the Sea Acres Rainforest Boardwalk. Have you ever looked up at a forest canopy and wondered what mysteries it may hold? Here you can finally answer that question (without extensive climbing, that is). The boardwalk is a beautiful meandering wooden pathway that rises up to 7 metres above ground level. This means you can see all sorts of animals in their natural habitat, including the scarlet robin and diamond python!

When you want to know more, pop back to the beginning of the trail to examine the information boards in the centre itself. Here you can learn about the local Aboriginal Birpai people, as well as plenty on the natural environment around you.

Before you go, make sure to grab yourself some breakfast or lunch at the local Rainforest Cafe.

Port Macquarie Camel Safaris

Camels 2

You don’t have to go all the way to Africa to appreciate a great camel ride. We have plenty here in Australia too, including the safari along Port Macquarie’s Lighthouse Beach.

Lighthouse Beach is in the southern area of town, just below Sea Acres. Hire a bicycle from Wyndham Resort Flynns Beach and you’ll be there in about 20 minutes.

On the safari itself you will be mounted on your own ‘ship of the desert’ before being lead down the beach by one of the company’s professional cameleers. On the tour you will hear tales of the local history and culture, as well as plenty of interesting facts. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some dolphins dancing in the azure waves alongside you, and possibly even some whales.

Port Macquarie is a great spot for animal lovers!  Grab a holiday deal in Port Macquarie today, and go get your 2017 animal fix!

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