4. Let the Guidelines Guide you

As humans, there are guidelines surrounding nearly everything we do. Booking accommodation, be it online, through a Travel agency or with your WorldMark South Pacific Club Vacation Credits is no different!

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2. Using Vacation Credits Overseas

3. Accommodation Destinations Overseas

Let’s dig back in to our learning journey, and look once again at the four options you may have available to you, when booking travel overseas with your WorldMark South Pacific Club Ownership.

  • WorldMark, The Club
  • RCI®
  • Wyndham Rewards®
  • Travel by Wyndham

All four of our international travel options have different rules and guidelines surrounding making reservations and these can impact your decision about which option may be best for you.

WorldMark, The Club

When making reservations with WorldMark, The Club you will find they have similar guidelines to the WorldMark South Pacific Club as per the below:

  • 11 month booking window* for WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners
  • 7 night minimum stay when booking Red Season more than 9 months in advance
  • 2 night minimum stay when booking a weekend (Friday or Saturday night)
  • Generous cancellation policy (Credits fully refunded up to the cancellation date)


*Your Club, WorldMark South Pacific Club and its sister Club, WorldMark, The Club have a reciprocal travel agreement, meaning that you may book accommodation in North American properties, and those Owners may book rooms here at your Club Resorts.  The 11 month booking window is a way to give Owners within each Club, preference when booking their own Club accommodation.

As you are aware you have  13 month booking window when booking your WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts, if an Owner from you sister club were to book one of your resorts here in the South Pacific they would have an 11 month booking window, and vice versa.  This is something to be aware of when booking with your sister Club as, just like here, peak times such as school holidays, Christmas and Easter Holidays often book up very quickly.

San Fran Ex H5549


RCI has their own rules and guidelines as well and these include:

  • Booking window up to two years in advance
  • Generally a 7 night stay – a small portion of their properties may offer less than 7 nights, contact RCI for more details
  • Reasonable cancellation policy (Credits fully refunded to RCI and $75 cancellation fee charged if cancelled before cancellation date). If cancelled after cancellation date, the entire exchange fee will be forfeited however Credits will be refunded to RCI account.
  • Expiring Vacation Credits can be ‘Spacebanked’ (deposited) with RCI and can be used towards an exchange for up to two years.
  • Please note:

o   Travel must be booked and completed in the two year period, so the earlier you make the booking the better

o   Cancellation policy, fees and charges may vary between properties when booking with RCI so make sure you check your confirmation email for more details

As RCI do not own, manage, or run any of their affiliated resorts, although your booking will made with RCI, you will still be subject to the guidelines and policies of the resort you are staying at. If you are unsure about any fees or requirements of the resort it is recommended to give them a call directly, their contact details will be found on your confirmation email.


Wyndham Rewards®

Wyndham Rewards similar to RCI does not own or manage any of their participating resorts, therefore you will subjected to the guidelines of the particular property you are booking and these can differ from property to property.

Just the same as when you book normal rental accommodation, some common rules and guidelines you may come across are:

  • 2 or 3 night minimum stay
  • Deposit/Credit Card hold required for duration of stay
  • Cancellation fee of one night
  • No cancellation fee up until 24 hours prior to check-in
  • No cancellation permitted

It is important to check the cancellation requirements of your booking on the Wyndham Rewards website. You can usually view this information before you confirm your reservation, it will also be supplied on your confirmation letter.

With Wyndham Rewards you may also need to take into account the guidelines which will apply if you are wishing to exchange your Vacation Credits into Wyndham Rewards points before you can make your Wyndham Rewards reservation:

  • The exchange option is only available to Privileges Elite, Diamond and Platinum members and 100 Club members
  • There is a 72 hour processing time for your Vacation Credits to show in your Wyndham Rewards account as points (available accommodation options may change during this time)
  • You can only exchange Wyndham Rewards points once per year up to your annual exchange cap as per the below. So make sure you transfer enough Credits to book the number of nights you require.

o   20,000 Vacation Credits for Privileges Elite

o   35,000 Vacation Credits for Privileges Diamond

o   63,000 Vacation Credits for Privileges Platinum members and 100 Club members.

Travel and vacation accessories - top view

Travel by Wyndham

Travel by Wyndham have minimal guidelines to the way they operate and they offer flexible travel options. Similar to RCI and Wyndham Rewards, the resorts they book may have their own guidelines and policies. See below things to consider when booking with Travel by Wyndham:

  • Vacation Credits must have a minimum of 45 days validity to be accepted as payment towards travel items
  • Personal choice usage is dependent on Privileges by Wyndham tier
  • Hotel cancellation policies and minimum stays will apply (similar to Wyndham Rewards)
  • Booking fee may apply for some travel items
  • Deposit may apply for some travel items
  • Travel by Wyndham can only book travel supplied through their third party suppliers and does not include things like Airbnb, Uber, House Swap, RCI and Wyndham Rewards

Remember the Travel Club can assist you with booking much more than just accommodation. They can help you with:

  • Planning you holidays
  • Airfares
  • Cruises
  • Tours
  • Car Hire
  • Travel Insurance
  • Activities
  • Much more…

If you do book accommodation through RCI or Wyndham Rewards contact the Travel Club afterwards and they can match-up all your other travel items.

Being aware of the above guidelines will help you identify which of our travel partners can assist you with your travel requirements and may narrow down your options.

If you want to travel in peak season and you don’t want to book a full week it would be recommended you reach out to Travel Club by Wyndham or Wyndham Rewards® for your overseas accommodation


If you want the contact details and hours of operation for any of the above Travel Affiliates you will find them on the first blog

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Owner Education Supervisor


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