Amanda Fry

10 need-to-know tips for holiday planning

To make your holiday journey simpler and to help you stretch your dollars further in 2017, we have put together 10 need-to-know tips when planning your WorldMark holiday!

1 Extend your weekend
Three-day weekends are the perfect opportunity to plan a getaway, but why wait for the next one to come around to enjoy some time away? If you’re able, take off early on Friday so you can enjoy a long weekend adventure.

2 Choose a destination that suits you
Is your ideal location by the water? Do you prefer to spend your weekends basking on the beach, kayaking down a river or enjoying the salty breeze? Perhaps your holiday style is exploring the country. Or are your excited by walking the city streets?


3 Set yourself a budget
Your getaway is the finish line to the journey. Determine how much you want to spend on everything from transport, to gasoline to souvenirs and meals. If you decide something is too expensive, scale it back or cross it off the list.

4 Travel during blue season
With fewer people competing for accommodation, securing a room that suits your travel needs (or that ideally positioned sun lounge beside the pool) is easier in blue season. Enjoy cheaper Credit rates, as well as less crowded attractions.

5 Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday
Believe it or not, there tends to be up to a 15 to 25 per cent drop in price on a Tuesday or Wednesday flights compared to other days of the week!

6 Book!
If your ever in doubt call!  Your Owner Services Team are available to you 7 days a week, they are there to support you and help plan your holiday. No question is too small or too big to ask. And if things don’t goas planed, always put your name on the Waitlist – if your first choice of WorldMark South Pacific Club Property is not available put your name down on the Waitlist. I am often surprised by how many people end up getting the apartment they originally wanted.

7 Pick your bags like a pro
Avoid extra baggage fees by weighing your bags before you go. Another trick is to pack rolled up socks inside your shoes. This also helps preserve your shoe’s shape inside the suitcase. If you pack the heaviest items at the base (near the wheels), you will ensure that your bag remains balanced.


8 Don’t forget to grab some snacks
Whether you’re flying, driving, hiking or biking, it’s good to keep snacks on hand. Eating every couple of hours will keep your energy up so you can fully enjoy your weekend activities. It can also save you money and keep you away from unhealthy gas station or airplane foods.


9 Plan your days ahead
Make a list of all the places and activities you wish enjoy when you’re away. That way when you arrive, you get straight to enjoying your time- because all the planning is done!

10 Enjoy your time away!
And… put your phone on airplane mode. Make sure you’re really getting away by putting away your phone or laptop. You’ll get a breather from business-related calls or emails, and you’ll keep yourself open to really spending quality time with the people around you.