Why the Gold Coast is ARRRGuably Australia’s Pirate city

Avast! Gold Coast is the Pirate city of Australia!

Not only is the Gold Coast home to the best beaches and surf ever known to pirate-kind, but I believe it is the new home for all the landlubbing wandrers of Australia. Here’s why.



Captain Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl have anchored and now call the Gold Coast home. The 5th installment of the fantasy swashbuckler films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer is being filmed at Movie World sound studios. If you are town, keep an AYE AYE out for superstar Johnny Depp.

Pirates of The Caribbean is on the Gold Coast



Gold Coast has its very own Captain Jack who is a Magician as well as a Pirate. He specialises in little pirates entertainment but will happily join in on any pirate parties of all ages. He has an uncanny resemblance to the real Jack Sparrow with quick comedic wit and amazing hand magic tricks that will leave you wanting more.

Captain Jack Pirate Magician




The Maranoa tall ship is one of a kind, being the only wooden sailing ship on the Gold Coast. This extraordinary ship was built in 1964 in Tasmania and has a boat load of features like an open fore deck, a covered quarter deck, a cosy cabin below and BBQ facilities built into the table on the back deck! You can cruise the Gold Coast seaways and even be entertained by Captain Jack the Pirate Magician himself.

The Maranoa Tall Ship Sailing the Seven Seas




Yes, a Pirate Park. Located in Palm Beach on the Southern end of the coast, this park has lots of things for the little scallywags – they can walk the plank, delve around the hidden tunnels and treasure map or swing on the barrel swings.

Palm Beach Pirate Park


ARRRe you ready set sail to the Gold Coast? AYE AYE!

Stay at Surfers Paradise or even Kirra Beach.

Why surfing is good for the mind, body and soul

We all know that getting out to the beach, soaking up the sun and catching a wave is not as easy as it looks. I experienced this first hand in my very first surf lesson earlier this year. Yes, I sucked. Yes, it was tiring. And YES! It wasn’t easy. But with determination (and a little hope) I stuck to it, and now I am reaping the benefits.


Surfing is definitely good for the mind, body and soul….here’s why!


Beautiful surfer woman surfing during summer vacation

Like any new skill or activity, you need to dedicate time to learn it. For most that aren’t born to surf, it does take that little bit longer. But the key is patience. Not only to learn how to surf a wave, but the patience to wait for that perfect wave to surf. Through surfing you will quickly learn the lesson of perseverance and the reward it can give.




surfer silhouette during sunset

To put it simply, surfing is a full body workout. Now it’s not your everyday full body workout you get at the local gym from your ripped and visually appealing Personal Trainer J. This is a unique workout using muscle fibres you never knew existed. From paddling out past the wave break to the quick snap onto the board and balance, surfing is an all-round perfect blend of strength and cardio training.




Surfer sunset

Sometimes life’s burdens can dump on you like the crashing waves on a sandy beach. Well, surfing can help you improve your mental health and give you a great outlet to relive stress and tension. Trust me, you will feel happier, more energetic, and more refreshed and composed. Why? Surfing brings you closer to nature…well right in it to be exact. There is nothing like floating in the ocean, feeling every little movement of the water while pondering about life’s sensational mysteries. It really does bring you closer to the earth and makes you think about what you can do to keep it a beautiful place for all.




Torquay beach - Australie

If you think about it…surfing is a great way to get travelling and visit some of the best places in the world. In Australia alone we have hundreds of surf breaks on some of the most beautiful beaches – Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Bondi Beach, Torquay, Phillip island and Dunsborough….just name a few.  Surfing gets you exploring new surroundings, meeting fellow surfers and making more holiday moments you will cherish for years to come.






Whether you are a professional surf rider or looking to learn how to surf, there is no place like our very own backyard. There are countless beaches to choose from and no shortage of local surfers to teach you a thing or two. All you need to do is start planning a surf trip. If you are ready to explore the best breaks of the South Pacific, we have over 14 surfing destinations ready to be booked. Surfs up!


4 Reasons To Holiday After New Year’s

Do you look back on the holiday season and realise that most of your free time was spent on festive duties? Are you back at work, longing for another break?  We’re here to show you 4 reasons you’ll want that holiday break. Yes, even right after New Year’s.

1.  Your festive energy levels are depleted

Hooray it’s the end of year…break? There is hardly a break between Christmas and New Year’s. Between all the Christmas shopping (how much should I spend? I need to find the perfect gift! Is this it? Will they like this?) and family gatherings, you’ll probably find you have just about had enough of people.
Then New Year’s Eve comes around and you have to decide who you’re going to spend it with, what you’re going to wear, and whether you will get a New Year’s kiss! You feel exhausted just thinking about it.

1.	Your festive energy levels are depleted - Yes, you need a break.

Yes, you need a break.

Tip: To avoid all this craziness for 2015, check out our 7 excuses for the festive season.


2. A year has gone by… and you didn’t take as many holidays as you’d hoped

If you’re like me, then you’ll certainly be feeling this pain: your 2014 holiday photo album on your Facebook profile is looking pretty bare.

Sometimes we just get so caught up in everyday life that we never get a chance to actually live. Work – sleep – repeat seems to be the trend and the only thing we are left with at the end of the year is an empty photo album.

year has gone by… and you didn’t take as many holidays as you’d hoped - Yes you need a break.

Yes, you need a break.

3. You’re already feeling the pressure to stick to those New Year’s resolutions

Alright, so you started the year great. First week, you were determined to take on your resolutions, like a fierce character out of an action thriller. Then you realised those goals you set were a little high on the unachievable scale and that you need a break from all that hard work in the first few weeks. The pressure is getting to you and you feel like you are about to CRACK!

Take a breath and remember it’s hard trying to be perfect ;) and sometimes too much perfection can lead to I’m-over-it-itis. Consider pacing yourself – why not have a break from time to time?

 3.	You’re already feeling the pressure to stick to those New Year’s resolutions  - Yes, you need a break

Yes, you need a break.

4. The uncertainty of what lies ahead is stressing you out

The New Year never ends up being exactly as you plan, and sometimes the thought of this can be frightening. We think about that raise we are hoping to get, that dreaded 10 year high school reunion, or that new baby that’s on its way (Argh! Okay, maybe that’s just me). Just spending time stressing about it can tire you out.

To tackle the year with the best foot forward you need to be mentally and physically ready

4.	The uncertainty of what lies ahead is stressing you out - Yes, you need a break

Yes, you need a break.

So what have we learnt?

Festive energy can only last for 7 days max – scientific fact (not really, but could be J), need to bulk up that Facebook photo album ASAP, being perfect is really tiring, and stress is not going to help anyone.

I think it is pretty clear that both you and I need a break from the end of year / New Year festive holiday period. Get that holiday planner out.