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Things To Do In Winter In Victoria


During the cool seasons one place that is fantastic to visit isn’t one that you would have thought. Victoria is a wonderful place both during summer and winter.  Even though it’s cold, there are plenty of fun, and relaxing activities that are just as good as they are in summer, but better.

This blog wraps up all the great things to do during winter in Victoria like:




For those who are into art and food there are plenty of things to do around Melbourne. Running through from the 3rd  till the 20th of August is the Melbourne International Film Festival. Loved by the locals and tourist this event runs throughout the city supplying everything from all genres, culture and nationalities. The film festival is only a 12 minute walk from the Wyndham Hotel Melbourne and is only 9 minutes by bus.

Melbourne Film Festival


For those who have a roaring appetite, Melbourne has a whole weekend dedicated to food. Supplying the best Western foods around. The Food Truck Park  is only a 30 minute drive from the Wyndham Hotel Melbourne  and goes from the 8th of July till the 10th.



Food truck Park




For those who are looking to escape the city, Port Fairy is a small town on the Great Ocean Road which is a 3 hrs and 40 minute drive from the Wyndham Hotel Melbourne. It has an annual winter weekend that goes for the months June and July. The festival celebrates Ports fairy’s food, culture and history. Having a ranging line of foods, wines, arts and performances this small festival is great to experience.



Port fairy

Another festival that is outside the big city is Winterlude in Ballarat, which is an hour and  a half drive from Wyndham Hotel Melbourne .If you’re looking for a fun kid friendly festival this is it. The festival has many different foods and activities that include ice-skating, go karts, rides and hanging with penguins. This is definitely a must go to festival and it last for the whole month of July. This food and art festival exceeds expectations and is a must go to! It is definitely one to remember.



If you are someone that enjoys being different or loves animals then the Island Whale Festival is one to see and is a 2 hour and 40 minute drive from Wyndham Hotel Melbourne. This festival is a once in a lifetime experience and celebrates this majestic creatures migration as they head North to their breeding grounds. This festival is great for kids as it is held in the school holidays. The local community members have a range of free and low cost activities for all family members to enjoy.

Island whale festival



For those who are into something a bit more thrilling and adventurous, there are many things to do along the cost of Victoria.


In the small town of Torquay, just an 11 minute drive from Wyndham Hotel Torquay is Tiger Mouth World Adventure. This adventurous and fun activity involves, jumping out of a plane over the 12 Apostles and fun family activities like mini golf and canoeing.

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Sky dive

If you are more into a adventurous and relaxing activity then you can go on a cruise at Phillip Island.There are plenty of cruises that are great for the kids, these cruises can be watching the magnificent whale ‘s ( which only happens during the chilly months)or a seal watching cruise, or if you are not into animals you can go on a market cruise where the cruise takes you to some of Victoria’s high quality markets.


Great Ocean Road

If your are into a day long trip driving along the beautiful ocean, The Great Ocean Road is an ideal route for you starting from Torquay and finishing at Allansford.  This route contains some of the most beautiful sites in Australia.


Along the starting point of the road is Bells Beach. This beach is well known for its amazing waves. It is great for a relaxing walk or a stop to stretch your legs. The beach is also an 11 minute drive to Torquay’s surf museum which celebrates the history of surfing in Australia and celebrates the lives of Australian champions.

Bells Beach

A 2 hour drive along the road is Loch Arch Gorge, which is a fabulous place to visit if you are into some history. This Gorge is where the Loch Arch ship had sunk in 1887. This gorge has a magnificent story behind about the 2 survivors of the 52 souls o board.

Loch arch Gorge

Just along the road from the gorge is the famous 12 Apostles. These wonderful limestone stacks were created from the erosion of the limestone cliffs of the mainland. This is definitely one to see since this site will not last forever due to natural circumstances.

12 Apostles


Some of these places are great for the family, but for those who are looking for more of a child friendly environment Ballarat is a fantastic little historical town to visit.


If your looking for a fun, educational and hands on experience for your children, up in Golden Point, just 11 minute drive from Ballarat Wyndham Resort is Sovereign hill. This open-air museum is set in the time of the Gold Rush and allows the kids to experience what life was like back then.

Sovereign hill

Another fun, historical site in Ballarat is Kryal castle. This castle includes fun family activities like the maze, the royal joust, the castle arena and the wizards workroom.


These are just some of the great things to do in Victoria during winter.For more information on any of these destinations or festivals just click the images and they will take you to their site.