10 Signs You Need to Plan a Holiday!

It’s been scientifically* proven that 100% of daydreams about holidays will increase exponentially the warmer the weather gets outside.
*(OK, maybe not scientifically - but it can certainly seem that way!)

With summer looming ahead of us, we need something to look forward to.

You know you need to plan a holiday when:  (more…)

Ilona’s 4 Tips on Travel Writing Like You Were Born To Holiday!

Want to share your travel experiences, holiday tips and local secrets with fellow Owners?

Travel writing is not only a fun way to put pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboards!), it’s also a souvenir; something you can look back on and re-live all over again.

I’m certainly not an expert – enthusiasm counts for a lot! – but here are four of my tips on travel writing like you were born to holiday. (more…)

Lights, Camera, Action! An east-coast tour of Australia’s film hotspots

Did you know that the first ever feature movie was filmed in Australia, not Hollywood? Australia has served as the cinematic centrepiece for a score of flicks since 1906. So forget the guidebooks, and rent a few DVDs for a high-definition journey around Australia. Even better – leave the armchair behind and embark on a tour of the country’s most iconic film locations… as well as a few that might surprise you! (more…)