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Karina’s little bit of luxury in Coffs Harbour

Today’s guest blogger  Karina (who also happens to be a Wyndham staff member) shares her recent trip to Coffs Harbour.

Fall In Love With Coffs Harbour

By Gabrielle Quinn Halfway between the Gold Coast and Sydney, tucked between emerald green mountains, cascading waterfalls and the cobalt blue sea, lies the picturesque country town of Coffs Harbour. The only place in New South Wales where the Great Dividing Range adjoins the Pacific Ocean, the dramatic beauty of Coffs Harbour paired with its

15 Reasons Not To Visit Sydney

Avoid holidaying in Sydney at all costs. Here’s why… 1. People say Sydney is a beautiful city. 

St Patrick’s with Leprechaun Bryan

To get an idea of what amazing St Patrick’s Day activities there are in the Australia, we sent out a writer to follow one of the few leprechauns operating in the southern hemisphere: Bryan Brody. If you’re looking for a great new destination to celebrate everything Irish on your next timeshare holiday, read on. Brody

3 places to see animals in Port Macquarie

Thinking you need a bit of a Mac attack?  Not a ravenous McDonald’s excursion, but a relaxing weekend

Top 6 things to do in Shoal Bay

By Katriya De Vincentiis Here’s our rundown of the six things you must do whilst visiting Shoal Bay.

A Port of Many Treasures

By Angie Christofis Port Macquarie is well known for its stunning beaches and coves, but there is much

Is this the best coffee in Sydney?

The Reformatory Caffeine Lab in Sydney appears to be very serious about their coffee!  It’s being compared to the coffee you’ll find in Melbourne, so we’d say it’s definitely worth checking out!

11 scenic photos from where we’d rather be

Are you on holiday now, taking time out to smell the sea-salt crusted air or walking a cool,

3 Owner Pictures of the Week: Shoal Bay

Dana, daughter of WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Owners Julius & Dally, took these amazing photos during her