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Fiji Family Fun

Bula! (Hello in Fijian) My name is Karina and I work in the New Owner Services team, who


With my anniversary coming up, I wanted to plan something special, and as an Owner Education consultant at

Stay at a Family Paradise with Wyndham!

Located in the vibrant heart of the Gold Coast, Wyndham Hotel Surfers Paradise was thrilled to be mentioned

What Does the Future Look Like for Hotels?

By Chris Logan Accommodation and travel evolve with changes to our way of life. Visit any metropolis and

Painting the town

I have a confession to make. I have spent a lot of time on the streets lately, lanes and back alleys in particular, and  unexpectedly I have fallen victim to a new addiction and it’s slowly turning into an artistic obsession. The visual art created and expressed in public locations, more commonly known as street

High Voltage Holidays!

September & October are fueled with high-voltage adventrues.  Now’s the time to book to ensure you get your fill of thrills and spills, on and off the track. By Tara Chilcott

Beginners guide to Wanaka’s Winter Wonderland

My kids have been asking if we can go to the snow, and with a Wyndham Resort in

Why surfing is good for the mind, body and soul

We all know that getting out to the beach, soaking up the sun and catching a wave is not as easy as it looks. I experienced this first hand in my very first surf lesson earlier this year. Yes, I sucked. Yes, it was tiring. And YES! It wasn’t easy. But with determination (and a

Experiences vs Things: Mother’s Day Edition

I’m fascinated with some research that’s come out over the last few years indicating that experiences rather than things will make you happier, for longer.  In a nutshell, the things you experience become a part of who you are, unlike the objects you buy. With that in mind, here’s a top list of Experiences the mums in

Don’t Do’s: Bad Mother’s Day Gifts

Being a mother comes with its challenges. To start off with the sleepless nights, waking up looking like a zombie from Thriller, the fight to get your mini me to eat their veggies (“look! look! it’s a small tree”- whilst trying to push broccoli down his or her face) and the nappies from hell ,