The Go-Getter’s Guide to RCI

‘Because Your Holiday Means the World to Us’ If you want to talk to an expert regarding your Ownership then why not also attend one of our Online Conference Calls with other WorldMark Owners? They are fun and interactive; they are also good if you want a refresher on the basics. Head to and

8 Stunning Places to Visit in Canada (on a Canada & Alaska Club Tour)

Where in the world would you get a once-in-a-lifetime trip with unbelievable photos and memorable experiences? Canada, of

Painting the town

I have a confession to make. I have spent a lot of time on the streets lately, lanes and back alleys in particular, and  unexpectedly I have fallen victim to a new addiction and it’s slowly turning into an artistic obsession. The visual art created and expressed in public locations, more commonly known as street

High Voltage Holidays!

September & October are fueled with high-voltage adventrues.  Now’s the time to book to ensure you get your fill of thrills and spills, on and off the track. By Tara Chilcott

Why surfing is good for the mind, body and soul

We all know that getting out to the beach, soaking up the sun and catching a wave is not as easy as it looks. I experienced this first hand in my very first surf lesson earlier this year. Yes, I sucked. Yes, it was tiring. And YES! It wasn’t easy. But with determination (and a

Our Top 5 Natural Wonders in the South Pacific

Naturally Beautiful You could travel far and wide to see some of the world’s most spectacular sights, but have you considered the amazing natural attractions located near our resorts? Discover the dazzling visual display of our top five natural wonders in the South Pacific on your next holiday. Maria Island National Park, Tasmania What is

Finding Holiday Treasure

A few years ago, I was introduced to one of the most exciting, all consuming family activities I’ve ever heard of.  I liken it to finding Holiday Treasure.  And it’s free.  And I’m hooked (Thanks to our Wyndham Timeshare Owners Heidi and Rodney, for introducing me!) 

Local Secrets: New Zealand with Lauren

This week I caught up with Lauren.  Lauren has been an both an Owner and member of the

Should you go Whale Watching?

Find out if you’re the type of person to go whale watching in our definitive guide on what

Walk this Way

To get to know a place properly is to feel it, to connect with nature, and touch down on foot. Here are four incredible walking trails voted by the team as unmissable. TIME: 6-7 hours / or sections thereof. DISTANCE: 30 kilometres. DESCRIPTION: Medium grade. STAY: Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Torquay. To experience the spectacular