The Go-Getter’s Guide to RCI

‘Because Your Holiday Means the World to Us’ If you want to talk to an expert regarding your Ownership then why not also attend one of our Online Conference Calls with other WorldMark Owners? They are fun and interactive; they are also good if you want a refresher on the basics. Head to and

Fiji Family Fun

Bula! (Hello in Fijian) My name is Karina and I work in the New Owner Services team, who

Stay at a Family Paradise with Wyndham!

Located in the vibrant heart of the Gold Coast, Wyndham Hotel Surfers Paradise was thrilled to be mentioned

Beginners guide to Wanaka’s Winter Wonderland

My kids have been asking if we can go to the snow, and with a Wyndham Resort in

Experiences vs Things: Mother’s Day Edition

I’m fascinated with some research that’s come out over the last few years indicating that experiences rather than things will make you happier, for longer.  In a nutshell, the things you experience become a part of who you are, unlike the objects you buy. With that in mind, here’s a top list of Experiences the mums in

Don’t Do’s: Bad Mother’s Day Gifts

Being a mother comes with its challenges. To start off with the sleepless nights, waking up looking like a zombie from Thriller, the fight to get your mini me to eat their veggies (“look! look! it’s a small tree”- whilst trying to push broccoli down his or her face) and the nappies from hell ,

Enlightening Entertainment for your Kids

As the school holidays are slowly approaching I hear you saying to yourself “what can we do to amuse the kids?”. Fear not, we have the ultimate guide to the best kid’s activities…it’s all here for you to peruse and use!

Holidays With Teens – Tips From The Trenches!

Are you desperately trying to create as many memorable moments with your teenager or tween (yes, that’s now a thing!) before they fly the nest?  Does said teenager act as if you’ve kidnapped them when you try to take them on a family holiday?  Are you determined that the whole family will have a gosh darn

Holiday Cooking Hacks!

When you think of cooking, and a holiday, you don’t think of them in the same sentence. However there are some perks to cooking whilst holidaying, like not only to save some dollars but to keep from eating all the tasty yet nasty junk food that might be nearby to where you’re staying. I know

A Life Well Lived

The ultimate measure of a life well lived, for me, is reaching old age and being surrounded by the people you care about – and who care about you.  Weaving yourself into the fabric of your loved one’s lives is a daily pursuit, carried out over a lifetime. There are no shortcuts - but there are