Travel & Holiday Tips

10 need-to-know tips for holiday planning

To make your holiday journey simpler and to help you stretch your dollars further in 2017, we have

10 Signs You Need to Plan a Holiday!

It’s been scientifically* proven that 100% of daydreams about holidays will increase exponentially the warmer the weather gets outside.

How Do Vacation Credits Work?

Okay so this seems like a pretty dry subject but it’s also an important one to understand, so

Fiji Family Fun

Bula! (Hello in Fijian) My name is Karina and I work in the New Owner Services team, who

Benefits of Owner Education Conference Calls

Throughout the years Owner Education has provided wonderful support with helpful information to our WorldMark Owners, in order

Favourite Five: Travel Must-Haves

Once upon a time, travelling meant long, boring car trips – or at best, hanging around airports waiting

Christmas Holiday Dreaming

Who’s looking forward to their Christmas break this year? Are you counting the days to enjoy your wonderful

Get there with WorldMark To/From

“We travel not to escape life. But for life not to escape us” This has always been one

Pack your bags and your healthy eating habits too!

So you are ready to go on holiday or even just a business trip and you’re concerned that

Saving for a Rainy Day? Or a Holiday?

 It’s all about choices. When I was about 5 years old I knew I wanted to travel the