Don’t Do’s: Bad Mother’s Day Gifts

Being a mother comes with its challenges.

To start off with the sleepless nights, waking up looking like a zombie from Thriller, the fight to get your mini me to eat their veggies (“look! look! it’s a small tree”- whilst trying to push broccoli down his or her face) and the nappies from hell , yeah you know what I mean, I won’t elaborate!

Mums really are the best. They sacrifice a lot for us, even when we don’t realise it. From having clean clothes to go to work (because someone wiped their dirty hands on your dress just as you were leaving the house in a rush – not speaking from experience here or anything) to looking like their child did their make-up (because they did…whilst you were trying to eat breakfast this morning and pack their lunch all at the same time). And for those of us with older kids, well we all know that comes with a whole new set of teenage or adult dramas. I feel all you mothers out there lovingly nodding.

Mums are a special breed. They love us no matter what. I know myself I’m happy to have a designer chocolate hand print on my dress and look like the Bride of Chucky heading out to work as long as my child is happy. Honestly, I am.

Clown make-up is such a great look.

Clown make-up is such a great look.

Mother’s day is creeping upon us fast, so what do you have planned for your mum? Something nice I hope!

To help you to make the right gift selection here’s a whole array of suggestions you should avoid at all costs (unless your mother has asked for one of these, then that’s okay). Say goodbye to your inheritance if you chose one of these as your mother’s day gift.  Here’s the count down of the worst don’t do it gifts to give mum this mother’s day:

  1. Pots & Pans: Seriously? You think pots and pans are a gift?  There are very few mothers out there that would delight at receiving a pan for their mother’s day gift. Just. Don’t. Do. It. Why not just make a reservation for your mum at her favorite restaurant that night instead of expecting her to whip up a veggie stir fry with her shiny new pan.
  1. Decorated Washing Up Gloves: Just what every mother wants, some rubber gloves that are pink (because all mums like pink right!?). They have little diamantes super glued all over them, which I add will fall off once they hit the water, to make washing up time super fun! Not! This simply isn’t a good idea. Just offer to fill and empty the dishwasher for a month. That’s much more helpful and you will score some brownie points to boot.
  1. A Vacuum Cleaner: Now this could go either way, if it’s a decent brand you may actually get a pat on the back because this could save your mum a lot of time and her back. However, cleaning utensils usually should be avoided when trying to show your mum how much you love her. Alternatively you could pay for a fortnightly cleaner if it’s in your budget. You mum really will love you forever then!
Cleaning utensils for a gift...never a good idea!

Cleaning utensils for a gift…never a good idea!

  1. An Apron: Are you trying to tie your mum down to the kitchen? As long as your mother is an avid baker or even a chef, then this would be okay. However most mums would probably be completely confused as to why you think an apron is something that she actually wants. And the disappointment of her opening the gift thinking it’s an item of clothing then holding it up to reveal all of its apron glory…well that’s  a very sad thing.

And the worst gift goes to… (drum roll)…(oh the suspense!)

  1. A Toilet Bowl Brush Set: NO. Need I say more? Just no. No matter how pretty the colour is. Even if its sparkly. Please dont do it.
A toilet brush set- don't do it!

A toilet brush set…don’t do it!

So here’s the warm and fuzzy part…I do have some good suggestions to help you along. How about a day at a spa, a piece of jewellry, a gift you have made, a voucher for mums favourite shop, a fun international cooking class with a friend or a lovely bottle of her favourite wine…or simply a card made by you. The ideas really are endless so you can’t to get it too wrong. Whatever you do chose to buy or make ensure you have it ready for the 10th of May.

And if you are a really good son or daughter, why not treat your mum to a weekend away at a beautiful resort for some R&R. Wyndham Surfers Paradise Hotel look like a good spot…

Wyndham Surfers Paradise Hotel- Perfect for mom to relax this mother's day.

Wyndham Surfers Paradise Hotel- Perfect for mum to relax this mother’s day.



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