Dunsborough Dreaming

4 Reasons to visit Dunsborough.

It’s the time of the year again, when I’m dreaming of Dunsborough.  It must be Spring!  Beware – the below list may just set you to dreaming to.

1.  The Wildflowers in Spring!  The Margaret River region is one of only 34 internationally recognised ‘biodiversity hotspots’.  And it’s wild with flowers, being home to over 150 orchid species and some 2,500 wildflower species alone.  There are a couple of companies that offer specific tours.  Visit the information centre here. the earth laughs in flowers

2. Wine – I’ll admit that I’m not particularly sophisticated when it comes to wine.  Second to New Zealand wine, I have a feeling that Western Australian wine might be pretty good.  There’s even a ‘Wine for Dudes’ tour available – great concept!  There are also a few family friendly wineries in the area!

3. Enjoy getting lost. - and then of course get found again!  I love a challenge, and I can just see the boys and I get super competitive about who cracks theYallingup Maze first. I’m predicting Hendrix will pick my team :)

4. Do Nothing. Gosh, that’s the most important thing about a holiday!  There’s something about Wyndham Resort Dunsborough that lends itself to doing just that.  And when I say nothing, I mean laze around the pool, walk along the beach, visit the day spa and eat at Toby’s Restaurant.

Just perfect!

Just perfect!


Jacqi has become part of the furniture at WorldMark South Pacific Club over the last 10 years.  She has worked in various teams, including Customer Service, Systems and Owner Marketing & Solutions.  She is passionate about health, holidays and roller derby.  As a mother of an 11 year old boy, she has also recently become passionate about footy!

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