How Do Vacation Credits Work?

Okay so this seems like a pretty dry subject but it’s also an important one to understand, so grab yourself a coffee and we’ll give you the low-down on all things Vacation Credit related.

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In simple terms Vacation Credits are the currency of the WorldMark South Pacific Club.

They allow you to take holidays every year by being the currency you pay with to book your holidays.

You can book into WorldMark South Pacific resorts in a variety of unit sizes using your Vacation Credits. As soon as you make a booking we will automatically deduct the amount of Credits needed for that booking from your balance.

Wyndham Resort Denarau Island

Here are a number of ways in which you can also utilise your Vacation Credits:

  • They can be shared with your Family and Friends at no extra cost so all the family can enjoy some Wandrful experiences too. When making a booking just ensure you add a guest’s name to the booking so we know who will be holidaying in your place.
  • Your Credits can be transferred for a small fee to another owner, for example you may have a friend or family member who is an owner and you want to give them some credits to help them fulfil a booking.
  • They can be used within the RCI exchange system for bookings and can be deposited with RCI to extend their validity
  • If you are a Privileges Owner then you will also have access to further benefits and ways to use your Vacation Credits.

When you became a WorldMark owner you purchased annual Vacation Credits that you will own for the life of your ownership in the WorldMark South Pacific Club, the term of the Club being 80 years.

These Vacation Credits are renewed every year on your Anniversary date; this is the beginning of the month in which you joined the Club. Well that makes things easy, all you have to remember is one date and you will know when you receive your Credits every year.

Your annual Vacation Credits are valid for 2 years and expire on the last day of your anniversary month.                  Also bear in mind that you can also book past your credit’s expiry date based on your booking window, but try not to leave it to the last minute.

To allow even greater flexibility you can borrow Vacation Credits from the following year. This can be very useful if you have a big trip planned and want to dip into future credits to make the perfect holiday. Just remember that you will need to pay for your annual maintenance levies in advance to access Credits that you wish to borrow.

Well we hope this has been able to provide you with a good overview of Vacation Credits and don’t forget that you can always contact the very helpful Owner Services Dept. 7 days a week on the following numbers to get more information:

Owner Services: AUS 1300 850 160, NZ 0800 850 160

Or E-mail:

We also provide very informative Online Conference Calls and our Knowledge Hub allows you to learn a variety of topics at your own pace.

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