How does Fran the Friendship Unicorn share her holidays?

In 2011, the UN announced that July 30 would be the International Day of Friendship, in order to inspire peace efforts through bridging communities. Here at Wyndham, we love it when our Owners share their Asia Pacific timeshare holidays with their friends, so to celebrate this day, we sent a writer to interview one of our Wyndham Family members – a unicorn.

When I first met Fran the Friendship Unicorn, she was what you would expect in a mythical creature of pure joy: Brilliant white coat, shining gently in the sun. A mane of rainbow-coloured hair gently billowing in the cool breeze. Her head adorned with a stunning horn, which looked at once proud and deadly (though hopefully more the former).

She neighed at me loudly as I stepped out of the taxi, then cleared her throat and spoke in a thick New York accent. “Sorry about that, I got a sore throat.”

We sat down for coffee (or coh-fee, as she pronounced it) in a nice cafe in Darling Harbour, Sydney, where I could ask my questions.

Why is friendship so important?

“Friendship is what binds us together,” she said, sipping a latte. “It’s something that makes us all feel a little fuzzier inside.”

Indeed, she’s not wrong. In a study released by Gallup’s Tom Rath, it showed that friends inspire us and make us feel better, and it even compared the importance of friends to physical intimacy in a marriage.

“In my experience, good friends always make things better,” she continued, then added, “You should probably find a few more yourself, you look terrible.”

good friends always make things better

How do friends relate to WorldMark South Pacific Club?

“Let’s say you are a part of the Wyndham family, and ya fly all over the area on holidays each year,” Fran said.


“Now let’s say your friends could join you and do the same. Wouldn’t that be more exciting?”

By introducing  friends and family to the Club you can both enjoy some great rewards to choose from*

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