How to Plan a Road Trip

Planning a road trip to your WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts can be such an amazing adventure! Whether it is a weekend getaway or months of travelling from Resort to Resort, planning is an essential part of the holiday process.

With most of the Australian properties within driving distance from at least one other Resort, this makes your travel opportunities with your WorldMark Ownership even more exciting.

Handy Tip:  If you are booking more than 9 months in advance during Red, Red 1 or Red 2 Seasons, there is a 7 night minimum stay which applies to your booking. A great idea during a road trip is to book 7 consecutive nights at more than one WorldMark South Pacific Club Resort. For example, you could book Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Ballarat for 4 nights, and then move straight to Wyndham Hotel Melbourne for the remaining 3 nights. As long as the stay is consecutive and equals 7 nights or more, this is a great way to book smaller stays in multiple Resorts within the Red Season guideline. Simply call your Owner Services team to book consecutive Resort stays.

Now let’s take a look at how to plan your road trip!


Ensure the car is ready to go by checking the water, oil and fuel and giving it a clear out. Road trips are a great excuse to get the car looking nice and shiny again, and even get a new air freshener – if you have to sit in the car for a few hours, at least it will smell nice!

Next, print a map of your travel route or get the GPS set up with your location and see how far you will be driving. Did you know? – Most GPS systems let you save a destination prior to travelling, a great time saver is to enter in the destination a few days before you go.

Once you know how you are getting there, organise your pit stops. If you are driving a long distance, chances are you will need to stop for fuel, and there’s nothing worse than worrying about running out (well, except for actually running out of course!) Also, will you stop for food, or pack lunch in the car to eat on the way? You could even start the holiday early by stopping for lunch at a nice park or beach.

A few days before the trip, check the “Before you Go” section of the WorldMark website to keep informed of special check-in details, parking availability, plus the latest resort updates and developments.


Pack Smart

How much luggage you need to pack depends on the length of your trip and your holiday plans. Whether for a weekend away or a month long road trip, here are some savvy packing tips to help you save space and time:

  • Only take the essentials for the trip (us women tend to pack for a weekend away as if we are going on a month vacation!) and pack a bag/suitcase suitable for the amount of luggage you are taking – you would be surprised how much you can fit into an ‘overnight’ bag if you pack smart!
  • Transfer big bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash into smaller bottles that can be placed into a zip lock bag – no mess and less to pack. Who wants to carry around big bottles which take up space and are super heavy?
  • Socks can be packed inside your shoes and small items can go inside a handbag/toiletry bag that would otherwise be empty and taking up space.

Baby Travel Vacation Suitcase. Kid in Packed Luggage, Child Holiday

Travelling with children?

Road trips are such an exciting time for children, they get to see lots of different places and play car games as you drive along. We still need to organise the essentials to ensure everyone has a great holiday, right from hopping into the car:

  • Use the packing tips above and make packing fun for the kids; you can incorporate games during packing and unpacking to get them more involved.
  • Prepare travel size snacks and water, and pack them in colourful bags or boxes to make snack time fun on the trip.
  • Decide which toys, gaming stations or DVD’s they will want for the trip to keep them from saying “Are we there yet?” – But remember, the more toys they bring, the more to carry around during the holiday, so ask them to pick a couple of their favourites and include toys that will keep them entertained during a rainy day on your holidays (just in case!)

Computer Laptop Research Working Desk Concept


Before you go, it is always a great time-saver (and a great way to get excited!) to research what activities there are where you will be travelling, some ideas to look for are:

  • Fun – Theme parks, zoo’s, aquariums, farms, and much more, the possibilities are endless! Deciding what you would like to do on your trip is a great way to further plan your holiday and one less thing to worry about when you get there. You may also receive discounts for booking in advance instead of on the day – win-win!
  • Eat – Becoming familiar with restaurants, cafés, bars, supermarkets, and even the local store close to your Resort is a great way to plan ahead and takes the guesswork out of dinner!
  • Roads – Check out the back roads which might add valuable holiday time to your trip, this is great during busy time periods such as school holidays and Christmas time when the main roads can get quite busy.


Planning is a great way to save time and to ensure everything is (almost) perfect for your road trip. Road trips provide so much fun and excitement and the journey to the Resort can be just as fun as the holiday itself!

Well that’s all from me, get out there and enjoy the planning and of course, the holidays!!


“Faye is an Owner Education Consultant for Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific. Her passions are training, travelling and animals. Along with sharing her knowledge to Owners through the Owner Education conference calls, she enjoys providing fun tips and tricks regarding holidaying through her blogs on Wandrful.”

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