7 things you didn’t know about Dunsborough

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Western Australians are way ahead of the pack – when they want a getaway, they drive a few hours from Perth to the coastal town of Dunsborough. Once there, it’s a bit like choosing-your-own-adventure. Do you want to soak up the sun on a sheltered beach? Go snorkeling? Embark on a wine-tasting day trip? Visit the gourmet markets and cook up a storm?

Without further ado, Dunsborough and the surrounding areas have…

1. Over 220 vineyards & 80 wineries

Despite only producing its first wines 30 years ago, Margaret River is now a world-famous wine region. Wineries, tastings, day tours, vineyards, gourmet markets, cheeses, chocolate factories  – if you consider yourself to be a ‘foodie’, then you need to get over there pronto!

2. The longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere

Stretching a whopping 2km out to sea, Busselton Jetty was originally built to transport timber out to ships – Geographe Bay being rather shallow. Nowadays, it’s a fun tourist attraction, with a train on the pier that takes you to a recently opened underwater observatory. Perfect for those who don’t feel like donning wetsuits!

3. WA’s best swimming beaches

Need I say more? The beaches are sheltered and peaceful, making swimming a breeze. Splash around in the crystal waters of Geographe Bay, which is practically on your doorstep when staying at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific Dunsborough. Other options include the Meelup, Bunker Bay and Eagle Bay beaches – secluded, pristine white sand, gentle waves – although those who who like their water a little rougher will love the famous surf spots in the area.

4. The most accessible shipwreck dive in the Southern Hemisphere

It mightn’t be the Titanic, but the HMAS Swan shipwreck is just a 15 mins boat ride from the shore, making it a great spot to snorkel or scuba dive. ‘Accessible’ means that entry holes were created throughout the naval destroyer – you can inspect the engine room for your dose of history, and then snap photos of darting fish and the pretty corals that have made the shipwreck their home.

Lake Cave & its famous Suspended Table formation (click to enlarge)

Lake Cave & its famous Suspended Table formation (click to enlarge)

5. Some of Australia’s most famous caves

For a look at nature’s dark side, choose from Mammoth Cave (with bonus ancient fossils), Ngilgi Cave (a fascinating local Aboriginal legend), or, my personal favourite, Lake Cave (a tranquil underground lake, featuring the oft-photographed Suspended Table formation and stunning crystals).

6. The tallest lighthouse on mainland Australia, and the point where two oceans merge

Followers of this blog may know that I’m a fan of quaint lighthouses, so I’ve saved the tallest for Dunsborough. Wear comfy shoes because it’s quite a climb, although the lookout is definitely worth it – you can literally see the point where the Indian and Southern oceans meet. Finally (as if all this wasn’t enough), Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is situated on the most south-westerly point of Australia.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

7. An emu with a penchant for ice-cream

This one’s for the kids. Simmo’s Ice-Creamery and Fun Park not only sells over 60 flavours of ice-cream, it also has a mini-golf course, and a resident emu named Edward. He loves chatting to people – and stealing their ice-cream!


Share your tips and tricks if you’ve been to Dunsborough, or let us know in the comments below which destination we should feature next!


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