An insight into the life of a single traveler

What a job I have!  I remember when I first saw the position advertised, for an Owner Education Consultant; the words that jumped out at me were: Travel, Training, and Service.

How glamorous it sounded; and how much I wanted that job!   Two and half years later and I have not ever had a moment of doubt that I made the right decision. An amazing part of this job is obviously the travel; I feel blessed to have had some of the amazing experiences I’ve had in the last couple of years.  Spending time at many of our WorldMark properties has also been a highlight; the staff have always been welcoming and our apartments often feel like my little home away from home.

In saying all this I can’t say that when I first started out, that I didn’t find it incredibly daunting – having to travel on my own so regularly.

I had to learn how to appreciate travelling by myself.  Sometimes I just wanted to stay in my room and not do anything, because I always felt like it wouldn’t be fun if I wasn’t sharing it with someone.  Trust me when I say – the experiences you have, can still be just as wonderful, the food just as tantalizing, the scenery just as picturesque, when you are travelling alone. I have met a lot of single WorldMarkSP Owners in my travels, many of them single from divorce or widowed.  Being a single traveler can often be confronting, especially if you are used to travelling with someone and finding enjoyment in a shared experiences.

It is for these owners I want to offer reassurance, and to give my top five tips on how to enjoy travelling alone.

Tip 1 -Enjoy the wait – whatever you’re waiting for; enjoy it.  I spend a lot of time waiting to get there; be it at the airport, on the plane or even driving in the car.  Enjoy the moment, have something to eat; take time to dream, read a book.  How often do we actually get the opportunity to just stop? Enjoy it!

Food Coffee











Tip 2 – Go without expectations – I think sometimes our expectations of what we think something should be like, ruin our enjoyment of what something actually is like. For example if you expect the Gold Coast to always be sunny and warm, it might stop you from appreciating the amazing tropical storms we have; thunder and lightning, bring it on.










Tip 3 – Push yourselfDo things you might not usually be comfortable with -  Because I travel alone, when I first started travelling I wouldn’t go out for food, out of fear of eating alone in a restaurant. The first few times I made myself eat in a restaurant alone I did find it a little confronting. However, now I love getting out and trying new restaurants and having new culinary experiences.

Anne RotoruaDinnerAnne SaillingLunch

Tip 4 – Explore – Get out and about – Don’t sit in your room; you can do that at home. Create memories and experiences and get some knowledge of the local area.  Shop, eat, look, learn.  It’s an amazing thing to have a new experience; but it won’t happen if you don’t make an effort to go and find something new.

swan valleyNew ZealandcairnsRottnest Island 2

Tip 5 – Take photos – My memory is not the best!  I am sure there are many people out there that can say the same.  Being able to look back through my photos and remember where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and how I felt is something I treasure.  We all take things for granted when we do them regularly; I love being able to look back and really appreciate how lucky I have been.

12 Apostles              Anne Sydney 2Anne SydneyAnne Cairns

Tip 6 – Don’t be scared of holidaying alone; and don’t give up!  The first time might be a little strange, confronting, or disappointing.  Trust me when I say it gets easier, better and more enjoyable.  Soon you will look back and realise you might be having some of the best holidays of your life.   Happy Holidays.

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Anne is an Owner Education Consultant for Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific.  Her passion is training; whether it be her 3 horses, or the wonderful WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners. As well as sharing her knowledge in a face to face group sessions, she likes to help Club Owners maximize their Ownership by providing useful tips and hints about the WorldMark South Pacific Club on Wandrful with fortnightly posts.

2 thoughts on “An insight into the life of a single traveler

  1. abmarriott says:

    Before joining the Wyndham world in 2007 (5th March 9.24pm signing to be precise) I did a lot of solo travelling using YHA in the main. Being a dude from the bush, going to way out places was fairly much a way of every day life but can understand how it could be quite daunting in the early days. Especially now with so many weirdos out there.

    Just wondering. Does knowing the exact time one signed up indicate another sort of weirdo?

    Strange thing though, single travellers seem to want company but some couples just wish they could escape alone.

  2. anne says:

    Thanks for your thoughts abmarriott, I’ve got to agree a lot of my “couple frineds” try to get away from each other when on holidays haha.
    Also I think that knowing the exact date and time you signed up is definitely not weird, it’s actually awesome – must have been a good moment for you! I often wish I could remember dates and times, however memory is not one of my strong points…

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