What you need to know to holiday in Fiji

Who doesn’t want to visit Fiji for a low-cost, high-relaxation holiday?

The Pacific island nation is practically dripping in beauty, with awe-inspiring beaches around every corner (almost literally, it’s not that big), rainforests that boggle the senses and a people who are so friendly you’ll wish you never have to leave.

There are a few things you should know before booking your timeshare trip to Fiji. We’ve summarised them for you to save you the research!

The important bits

Here’s a little mind-blowing fact – Fiji is actually made up of 330 different islands! Granted, only a third of them are inhabited, but that’s a whole bunch of islands.

The main island you’ll likely spend most of your time is Viti Levu, as it contains a large portion of the major tourist attractions, as well as the big cities.

Suva is the capital, and is located in the southeastern region of Viti Levu, however the international airport is situated closer to Nadi – in the northeast. To get from one city to the other, look for Queens Road. This is the main highway that meanders around the island’s western edge, and leads straight into Suva.

Fiji is one of the most developed economies of the Pacific Islands, according to Nations Online, and its main currency is the Fijian Dollar.

Where to stay

Alright, now that we know the basics it’s time to book some accommodation.

With WorldMark South Pacific Club you have the opportunity to stay in one of Fiji’s most exclusive and luxurious private islands – Denerau. Wyndham Resort Denerau Island is situated in the lower portion of the area, with easy access to the famous Denerau Golf Club as well as the sparkling sapphire ocean.

You can sleep in your choice of a one-, two- or three-bedroom apartment, which also gives you access to a massive lagoon-style swimming pool, swim-up pool bar and outdoor spa.

Customs and manners

The Fijian people are famous for their friendliness, so don’t be taken aback if they are more than happy to shake your hand and enquire about your life. Don’t worry, it’s unlikely to be anything too personal, but you can expect people to take interest in your marriage, any children you have and what your life is like back home.

One thing you’ll need to remember if you go touring the villages is that modest clothing is a must – nothing too drastically revealing. It is considered polite to take off your hat when invited into a village. You should also remember to take off your shoes before entering somebody’s house, though if you’re with a guide they will likely remind you.  PRO TIP: Pack shoes that are easy to slip on and off!

A major no-no is to touch somebody’s head, not even an adorable baby’s. It is considered highly impolite to do so – touching the chief’s head especially.

Kava, a national alcoholic beverage, is important to Fijian culture. If you take part in cultural tours and attractions you are likely to experience a kava ceremony. If offered a drink, take it without hesitation. It won’t leave you intoxicated, but your tongue might feel a little numb afterwards.

So are you ready to book your Fiji family holiday? We’ve got a great deal for you!

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