North Island vs South Island

New Zealand is arguably one of the most stunning countries in the world.  Here at Wandrful, we all agree on that.  But which of New Zealand’s Islands is more stunning than the other.  That’s cause for a whole lot of arguments in our office.  Can you help us?

North Island.

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

Exhibit 1 – Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel Peninsula. ‘Nuff Said.


art déco napier

Exhibit 2 – The entire town of Napier. Rebuilt in art deco style after it was destroyed by earthquake in 1931.

Mission House Kerikeri

Exhibit 3 – Mission House, Kerikeri. A stream, a bridge and a beautiful cottage house. Quintessentially North Island.

Hole in the Rock

Exhibit 4 – Hole in the Rock, Bay of Islands. Only mermaids sunning themselves could make this spot more magical!

Pohutu Geyser, New Zealand

Exhibit 5 – Pohutu Geyser, Whakarewarewa . Taking a bath never looked so exciting!

South Island

Cape Farewell

Exhibit 1 – Cape Farewell. But I don’t want to leave!!

Church of the Good Shepherd

Exhibit 2 – Church of the Good Shepherd. OK. I’ll leave if I can wander through these Lupins!

Church of the Good Shepherd 4

Exhibit 3 – Church of the Good Shepherd. This Church, and the lake beside it is so stunning it deserves 2 entries.

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Exhibit 4 – Milford Sound. So majestic.

Mountain Cityscape Lake Travel Destinations

Exhibit 5 – Queenstown. The entire city – an adventurous beauty.


We really can’t decide.  Can you help?  Vote in the comments below, or start adding your own Exhibits for either of the Islands!


Jacqi has become part of the furniture at WorldMark South Pacific Club over the last 10 years. She has worked in various teams, including Customer Service, Systems and Owner Marketing & Solutions. She is passionate about health, holidays and roller derby. As a mother of an 11 year old boy, she has also recently become passionate about footy!

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