For those of you that love taking holidays but feel a little guilty (or very guilty) leaving your pets behind; there are a few options available to help you ease the guilt and let your little best friend enjoy a holiday as well.

First I would like to introduce myself, my name is Faye and I’m an Owner Education Consultant at Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific. I have two main passions; animals and travelling.

me & henry

Being an animal enthusiast I have always had pets in my life; cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and I even have a pet turtle called Arthur!

I also would like to provide a special mention for Henry, my amazing Dachshund puppy (or as most of the world knows them – Sausage Dog!)

If like myself you are an animal lover, I’m sure you find it important to look after your pets even when planning a holiday, as they can be as much a part of the family as the humans and give you just as much love (if not more on some days!)


Originally from England before moving to the Gold Coast, Australia 10 years ago, I’ve been lucky enough to visit many European and Asian countries, but the list is never ending and I want to keep exploring and ticking off my must see destinations. When I start to mentally plan my holidays I experience immediate excitement, quickly followed by the guilt. “Who is going to look after Henry while I’m gone?!” and “Will they take as good care of him as I do?” are the foremost questions in my mind.  Luckily through working for Wyndham, I have learnt that there are many options available for my pets.


Option 1 – Family & Friends

If you are lucky enough to have family, friends or even neighbours who could pet sit your furry friend I would suggest this as your first option. In most cases your pooch may have already been to friends, family or neighbours’ homes and will feel comfortable there while you are off soaking up the sun on the beach, or laying by the pool with a cocktail, and you can rest happy knowing your little fur ball of love is being well looked after.

Alternatively you can offer friends, family or neighbours to pet sit in your own home while you’re gone, effectively killing two birds with one stone as the saying goes!

All you would need to do is stock up the food cupboards and the fridge and then hand over the house keys – it’s that easy.  This is a great option as your furry friend will be relaxed in their own home with someone they know – just remember not to get jealous when your friends are sending you snaps of them relaxing with the dog on the couch, going for walks and generally bonding. Your loved pet will still know you’re their human and shower you with pawsome cuddles and love when you arrive home.

Option 2 – Take them with you!

Now I know this isn’t going to be a great option if you are flying overseas, but if you’re visiting a Resort within driving distance, a great option is to take your beloved pooch with you! I can hear you saying “most Resorts aren’t pet-friendly!” but fear not (especially if you are a WorldMark South Pacific Club Owner and Privileges by Wyndham Member) as Privileges by Wyndham has an amazing new benefit for you which has details on hand for local kennels and catteries near selected Resorts. You could even take the dog out for the day for a walk on the beach, to join in on the family picnic, or to join you on a hike around the local area (just remember to check the local council information for dog friendly areas such as beaches and parks).

The new benefit is known as ‘Concierge by Wyndham’ who you can call (even if you’re not on holiday) and they can arrange a wide assortment of options for you, and one of them is organising kennels or catteries for your beloved fur-babies either close to the Resort, or close to home, which brings us to our next option…



Option 3 – Kennels & Catteries

As I mentioned above, kennels and catteries are a great option for you especially if you are holidaying somewhere that you cannot take your pets with you. These days with the power of social media and review websites, it is so easy to research and find the perfect kennel environment for the perfect price to suit your budget.

Did you know –  Privileges by Wyndham members can contact the Concierge by Wyndham team who can take some information regarding your travels, and forward you onto the best kennel or pet sitting service for you. They also have a special agreement with ‘Hanrob Pet Hotels’ which is a 5 star (!) pet hotel which has facilities available including Dog and Cat boarding, Dog Training, Doggy Day-care, grooming and if your pet needs that little bit of extra luxury they can have their own Suite! The Suite includes their own personal bedroom, a TV and the ability to Skype call their human family! They even have a free pet shuttle for pick up and drop off! Now that sounds like a holiday even I would love to be on!

Privileges by Wyndham members get a discount with Hanrob Pet Hotels. Currently they have 4 locations available throughout Australia and 2 extra coming at the end of the year. Call your Concierge by Wyndham team for more information. They can also provide suggestions for a number of alternative kennels, catteries and pet sitters surrounding the Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific locations. The Concierge by Wyndham team contact details are: Phone: 1800 603 686 (AUS), 0800 442 484 (NZ), 008 002 580 (Fiji).



Henry and I would love to see your holiday or pet snaps, so feel free to post them in the comments section below.

Happy Guilt-Free Travelling!



“Faye is an Owner Education Consultant for Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific. Her passions are training, travelling and animals. Along with sharing her knowledge to Owners through the Owner Education conference calls, she enjoys providing fun tips and tricks regarding holidaying through her blogs on Wandrful.”

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