Privileges Elite Unveiled

I hope you are all enjoying your amazing Privileges benefits at your Club Resorts! In this blog you can discover what extra benefits you are entitled to as a Privileges Elite member and how to use them!

Hello and welcome again Privileges members!

As a Privileges Elite member you receive all the exciting benefits a ‘Privileges member’ does plus so much more with a range of additional perks providing more holiday options to help you make the most of your WorldMark South Pacific Club Ownership. If you haven’t already then make sure you also check out the other benefits you’re entitled to in the Privileges membership blog as well!

There are 5 (five) tiers to the Privileges by Wyndham membership.

  1. Privileges
  2. Privileges Elite 
  3. Privileges Diamond
  4. Privileges Platinum
  5. 100 Club

As a Privileges Elite member you own between 20,000 to 34,999 Privileges Qualified Credits awarded annually. Not only are you entitled to all of the Privileges benefits, you will also be recognised as a VIP with a range of fantastic extras to help you holiday faster and with ease starting with the following:

1. Additional Resort Benefits

Grocery Service - Feel like having your kitchen stocked with some basic groceries to get your holiday started? Start by choosing your groceries online at Coles, Woolworths or Countdown (if you are travelling to New Zealand) and check-in to a stocked fridge! This benefit is available at specified WorldMark South Pacific Club properties. Contact Owner Services to organise your next order.

2. Travel & Reservation Benefits

Priority Service Reservation Team – Did you know you have access to an exclusive priority service teamwho is dedicated to looking after your holidaying needs? Simply turn your Privileges membership card (Owner card) over to the back and ring the number when you are ready to make your next holiday booking!

Reservation Reminders - Don’t let an opportunity pass you by again! You will be sent an email notification seven to two days before your 13-month or nine-month booking window opens at your desired resort. Simply call Owner Services and request this benefit ahead of time!

3. Additional Discounts

Discounted One Time Credits – as part of this Privileges tier, you receive a 10% discount off your One Time Credits purchase. This is a great perk for those times you need to top up some Vacation Credits to complete a reservation if you fall short.

Travel Insurance Discount – Feel safe on your next holiday with 15% off your Cover-More® Travel Insurance policy. This is arranged through your travel experts at Travel by Wyndham when booking associated international travel (Australian and New Zealand residents only). Contact Travel by Wyndham today AU 1300 850 160 (opt. 2)  NZ 0800 850 160  FJ 008 003 263.

Fun Time – Feel like having a Fun Time with a last minute getaway? You can make a Fun Time reservation up to 28 days from the date of travel at any WorldMark South Pacific Club or Associate Resort (subject to availability) for a maximum of five nights! You can also take advantage of one Fun Time weekend only booking per 6,000 Privileges Qualified Vacation Credits per calendar quarter. That would mean if you owned 30,000 Privileges Qualified Credits you could have up to five weekend bookings at one time.

TIP: To take hold of your discount or any travel related enquiry please contact your friendly Travel team of experienced consultants on AU 1300 850 160 (opt. 2)  NZ 0800 850 160  FJ 008 003 263.

 RCI Elite Benefits – You are provided with four key member enhancements, including combining traditional RCI products as well as attractive lifestyle benefits.

If you book your upcoming exchange holiday you can save $10 when you make an exchange by phone with RCI’s discount exchanges. You can also share your holiday fun with friends and family and give a Free Guest Certificate once per calendar year, valued at $30!

We all know the value of peace of mind so if you need to cancel your holiday due to any circumstance, you can relax as RCI will waive the cancellation fee on your exchange holiday booking when you cancel at least 45 days in advance, valued at $75. This benefit can be used once per calendar year. Need more time to travel? With RCI’s Credit Extension you receive an additional 12 months to book your holidays using your Spacebanked Credits. Please be aware these benefits are not available when exchanging online and may only be redeemed by contacting RCI by phone.

 TIP: To ensure you don’t miss out on these amazing benefits, contact RCI today! AU 1300 737 667 | NZ 0800 737 667

4. Additional Resort Locations

Associate Resorts – As mentioned in the previous blogs your Associate Resorts give you more destinations and more opportunities for travel.  As a Privileges Elite member you can book up to 14 months in advance for these resorts.  A minimum seven-night stay applies for bookings more than 9 months from date of arrival.

 Online Education Calls - Have you attended the ‘Understanding Privileges by Wyndham’ online conference call? It’s another fantastic way of learning about your Privileges Benefits and the best thing is you can do them in your PJ’s with a cuppa or a glass of wine from home! If you wish to book visit

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 5. Additional Memberships

Golfers Plus membership - Are there any Golf enthusiasts or Movie lovers out there? Well with a Golfers Plus membership you are entitled to up to two Golfers Plus memberships annually, providing you with discounted green fees at over 200 Australian golf courses AND free access to Box Office Advantage for tickets to shows, cinema, theatre and AFL. To join Golfers Plus, complete the membership enrolment form which is found in your Privileges membership pack, which was mailed to you with your Privileges membership card. To find out more visit the Privileges by Wyndham website.

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Wyndham Rewards© Exchange Program – As referred to in the first Privileges Blog, you are automatically enrolled into Wyndham Rewards with the ability to earn and redeem Wyndham Rewards points for use on your accommodation, car rentals, gift cards, levies and much more!

Did you know – you are eligible to exchange up to 20,000 of your Privileges Qualified Credits into Wyndham Rewards© points once every Anniversary Year? Each exchange is subject to an exchange fee of $199 so ensure you are exchanging enough to cover your intended stay. The exchange program is available to Elite members and above.

 TIP: To make an exchange simply contact Owner Services AU 1300 850 160 | NZ 0800 737 667

 Are you a Premier WorldMark Owner wishing to find out how to join in on the amazing benefits above? Or are you a Privileges member wishing to find out how to take the next step? Feel free to contact the Owner Enhancements Team on AU 1800 735 757  NZ  +61 7 5512 8721 or simply fill in the form online here.

Where to next? The third tier is the next step up to the Privileges membership which is Privileges Diamond where the door will open to more holidaying possibilities and destinations. You can click here to see what comes with being a Privileges Diamond member.


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