Proudest Wyndham Moment

In celebration of the opening of its 100th hotel in South East Asia and the Pacific Rim late last year, Wyndham put a call out to its employees to share their proudest moment with the company, with some great prizes in various categories on offer for the selected winners.

The winner of the Individual Category was Ida Bagus Putu Alit Dwi Antara, Commis Chef at Ramada Bali Sunset Road Kuta, who shared this story:

“My proudest moment was when we had to prepare breakfast for 800 guests – it was my first time handling such a large group and I was worried that with only eight in the team and limited equipment, we would not be able to cope.

Despite feeling pessimistic about the situation, I decided that the only way forward was to put in my best, work together and focus on preparing a delicious meal for our guests. Even though some were impatient, most of our guests were happy and even complimented us on the quality of our food!

Our success was a result of team work, where we persevered together and focused on a similar end goal. This is an unforgettable learning experience for me and gives me confidence in tackling new challenges – a big thanks to Wyndham for the training on service excellence and workplace safety, which equipped us with the ability to excel at our jobs!”

When asked how he felt about being declared the winner of the Individual Category, Ida replied, “When I first joined Ramada Bali Sunset Road, the first thing that stood out to me was the work culture – it was very comfortable and we worked cohesively together. The management team is very caring and provides the staff with what we need to achieve the best results.

This is an achievement for me and I will give the 45,000 Wyndham Rewards points to my beloved parents, so they can see the results of my hard work and will know what it feels like to stay in a one of the best hotels in Wyndham Hotel Group. When I joined Ramada Bali Sunset Road Kuta, I always have imagined that someday I will have a chance to stay in a Wyndham hotel.  Right now, my dream has come true.”

Congratulations on your fantastic achievement at Wyndham, Alit!

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