You’d look great…Resort Style living @ home

Every year the resort development team at Wyndham Vacation Resorts update a number of resorts and rooms, refreshing the look and feel of the resort for guests. Employing internal and external stylists and designers the Wyndham team have loads of experience when it comes to getting a modern resort style look!

Here are some of the tips and hints, plus Pinterest boards for your inspiration!



Clear up clutter with clever storage and hidden devices. Have strategically placed baskets, boxes, draws and hidey holes for all of life’s much needed clutter.


Go neutral for your base and pull out your theme colour, or a variation thereof, for a feature wall, door, or statement furniture piece. Don’t be afraid of colour, patterns or clashing elements – but when in doubt, the age old adage stands – less is more!


Fabric and fabric choices are where resort style living comes to the fore – fabric choices for resorts reflect a number of things, both practical and aesthetic. Practical elements include, of course, the long wearing nature of fabric choices, the durability and ‘cleanability’ of floor and chair coverings, cushions and lounge furniture is a must for resort stylists. Aesthetically, a resort stylists challenge is to achieve a ‘home away from home’ comfort level feel, heightened with elements which reflect the unique nature and location of the resort, accentuating the key features of the resort and providing a truly relaxing, yet highly desirable, look and feel for guests to walk in and feel like they leave their troubles at the door!


Furniture choices too, reflect the unique aspects of the resort, in addition room size, shape and the number of guests who could be using the space is a key factor in furniture choice. If a family of four is staying the room it is essential enough dining and lounging seating is available for everyone to enjoy. Likewise in your home interior styling the number of people you want to be able to seat is essential to take into consideration when choosing furniture. Do you often have guests stay and watch movies all together? Then choosing a lounge suite which suits is important – whilst the 4 seater might be lovely – it is difficult to have a comfy chat when you’re sitting in a row – so maybe an individual 2 and 3 seater might be better.


Lighting choices abound, and choosing feature lighting is now an essential part of an interior stylists roll. Base lighting must provide the practical element to be able to cook, read or study, but recent trends see oversized industrial lighting, stunning glass pendants or exposed light bulbs added to spaces as much for their aesthetic ‘art like’ qualities, as well as their practical light providing ones too!


Flowers, plants, cushions, painting, photographs and prints – the finishing touches are what make a house your home. Giving your family photos, children’s drawings and favourite prints the same coloured frame and picture mat will allow your treasures to shine, whilst also mimicking the resort style living we love!



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