Vacation Credits – What’s your Type?


Have you got Vacation Credits in your account that have ‘WMTS’, ‘WM’ or ‘WMA’ and every time you see it you’ve questioned ‘What does that really mean?’


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Well, Guess what!

I’m going to help you discover the meaning behind each different Vacation Credit type.

Within the WorldMark Club there are different Vacation Credit Types used in exchange for reserving rooms. All types of Vacation Credits will have the same equal value however what you can do with those Vacation Credits will differ.

The Vacation Credit Types are:

  1. WMTS Privileges Qualified Credits
  2. WM Credits
  3. WMA Credits

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Firstly, let’s talk about WMTS Privileges Qualified Credits.

Did you sign up at one of our Sales Sites in Australia, Fiji or New Zealand and purchase the Privileges entitlements as part of your package?

Well, you’re going to be an Owner with WMTS Privileges Qualified Credits. These are the most common Vacation Credits for a WorldMark Owner to receive. These Vacation Credits mean that you are qualified for a Privileges membership and all of the benefits involved in your particular level of membership.

With WMTS Privileges Qualified Credits you can use these Vacation Credits towards a variety of different benefits within the Ownership. Such as:

  • WorldMark South Pacific Club Properties
  • Associate Resorts
  • WorldMark, The Club (North American Properties)
  • RCI
  • ICE Vacations (Unless WMTS Privileges Qualified Credits are expiring within 6 months)
  • Wyndham Rewards
  • Privileges Benefits that are relevant to a WorldMark Owner’s individual tier level i.e. Wyndham Rewards Exchange
  • Grab It (Unless Credits are expiring within 90 days)

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Did you sign up to the WorldMark South Pacific Club after 1st May 2010 but didn’t opt in for a Privileges by Wyndham membership?

Well. Let’s talk more about the next type of Vacation Credits which are known as WM Credits.

Please note: If you purchased your Vacation Credits directly from another WorldMark Owner or through the resale market after the 1st May 2010 these will also be WM Vacation Credits.

Below are the following benefits that you can use:

  • WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts
  • RCI Spacebanking and Confirm First
  • ICE Vacations (Unless WM Credits are expiring within 6 months)
  • GRAB IT’S (Unless expiring within 90-45 days)
  • Interval International Deposits
  • Grab It (Unless expiring within 90 days)

You may notice that this type of Vacation Credit does not have access to WorldMark, The Club (North American properties).

To access WorldMark, The Club properties you must be a Privileges member if you’ve purchased your Credits after the 1st May 2010.

So did you purchase your Credits prior to 1st May 2010 and didn’t opt in for Privileges?

You will see WMA Credits when you look in your account.

With these Credits you have access to all the above benefits mentioned in WM Vacation Credits plus you can use your WMA Credits with WorldMark, The Club!

The reason for this is due to ‘The Exchange Network Agreement’ which is an agreement that was made between Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific and its parent company, Wyndham Resort Development Corporation. This agreement was then altered after the 1st May 2010.

You may have both WM and WMA Credit types in the same account. But it is important to note that only WMA Credits can be used to book North American resorts in ‘WorldMark, The Club’.

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There are also three additional WM Credit Types that you may have in your WorldMark account.

They are:

  1. Bonus/Incentive Credits - These Credits may be offered to you as a sales campaign, or an incentive for joining/upgrading the WorldMark South Pacific Club Ownership.
  2. Trial Credits – If you were once a Discovery by Wyndham member, you may have had Trial Credits converted over to your WorldMark South Pacific Club Ownership.
  3. Trade Credits – If you participate in the Exchange Plus program, these are the Credits that you will receive in your WorldMark South Pacific Club account.

Please refer to the below table on the three different types of ‘WM Credits’:

WM Credit Types -

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Now it’s time to go and check what type of Vacation Credit you have and make those bookings!

Remember for any account enquiries you can contact the Owner Services team on the details below:

Email: owner.services@wyn.com

Phone: AU: 1300 850 160    NZ 0800 850 160   FJ 00 800 32 63   INTERNATIONAL: +61 7 5512 8021

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00am AEST – 8:00pm AEST

Saturday – Sunday: 8:30am AEST – 4:30pm AEST

To book online head to the WorldMark Website at www.worldmarksp.com.

On a side note – Don’t forget that you have a 13 month booking window for your 30 Club Resorts and I’d strongly recommend utilizing this as you also have a flexible cancellation policy!


Until next time everyone….Happy Holidaying!!



Owner Education Consultant

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Wyndham Surabaya Opens in Indonesia

Wyndham Hotel Group has introduced its namesake Wyndham® brand to Indonesia’s second largest city with the opening of Wyndham Surabaya on Friday, 24 February 2017.

The 292-room upscale hotel, formerly known as Pullman Surabaya City Centre, joins the Wyndham family under a new management agreement with owners PT Gloria Ramayana Inter Hotel.

Located on the island of Java, Wyndham Surabaya marks Wyndham Hotel Group’s sixth hotel in Indonesia and the second to open in just two months following the addition of the beachfront Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Resort in Bali. The hospitality giant is making waves across South East Asia and the Pacific Rim, adding 27 hotels in 2016 and recently celebrating its 100th hotel milestone in the region.

Citing rising demand due to relaxation of tourist visa regulations, the Indonesian Tourism Ministry recently revealed their goal of attracting 15 million international visitors in 2017, a 25% increase from 2016.

“Tourism in Indonesia has risen sharply over the years and Surabaya’s expanding industrial and business sectors, growing economy, and improved infrastructure are driving the demand for quality, branded hotels,“ said Barry Robinson, President and Managing Director of Wyndham Hotel Group South East Asia and Pacific Rim.

“With a prime location near Surabaya’s business centre and major retail precinct, Wyndham Surabaya is extremely desirable for travellers looking for an extraordinary stay in the heart of the city.”

He added, “We are laser-focused on growing the Wyndham footprint, offering travellers more options in leading business and leisure destinations like Indonesia. Our Wyndham brand connects with guests in major urban and resort destinations by delivering comfort that exceeds expectations with the tailored services and amenities expected at a world-class hotel.”

Wyndham Surabaya is located along the lively Jalan Basuki Rahmat Boulevard in the heart of Surabaya’s financial centre and minutes from Tunjungan Plaza, the city’s largest shopping mall. As Java’s commercial hub and the gateway to many of the island’s historical and natural attractions, Surabaya is becoming an increasingly popular destination among Indonesian and Asian travellers.

Each of Wyndham Surabaya’s guest rooms features warm and contemporary furnishings, Asian design elements, breathtaking views of the city skyline, a bath tub and separate shower room. The hotel also offers two-bedroom apartments and Presidential Suites with a spacious 283m2 of living space.

Wyndham Surabaya Guest Room

Wyndham Surabaya Guest Room

Premium amenities include free wireless internet access throughout the hotel, an outdoor pool, a wellness centre with a sauna and hot tub, and a day spa. The hotel will undergo a renovation this year to introduce refreshing new food and beverage concepts.

Wyndham Surabaya Lobby

Wyndham Surabaya Lobby

The hotel’s nine venues for meetings and events can accommodate up to 750 people. All rooms enjoy natural daylight and come with comprehensive conferencing and banqueting services.

All Wyndham Hotel Group properties in South East Asia and the Pacific Rim participate in Wyndham Rewards®, the simple-to-use, revolutionary loyalty program from Wyndham Hotel Group that offers members a generous points earning structure along with a flat, free-night redemption rate. Information is available at www.wyndhamrewards.com.

Deluxe Room rates start from USD85 a night. For general enquiries or reservations, please email reservations@wyndhamsurabaya.com or call +85 (031) 535 1555.