Text Messages From A Girls Holiday in Melbourne

Samantha, Hayley, Marissa and Rachel went to Melbourne for a girly-girl trip, using their timeshare holiday deals as the perfect excuse for some retail therapy and bonding.

Once they were back home from their divine holiday, Samantha wanted to look back at all their marvellous Melbourne moments, and began to scroll back through the group chat messages on her phone. Reading them made her chuckle! Here they are: 

Samantha: OMG, Hayley, you need to get to the Emporium shopping mall on Lonsdale Street right now. The other girls and I are already here and there are some crazy sales on at these designer stores! You’ve slept in long enough. Just go down to the Wyndham Hotel Melbourne lobby and ask for directions from the friendly team at the concierge desk, they’ll tell you how to get here - it’s just an 8-minute walk away. Hurry!

Hayley: Oooh, you had me at ‘sales’! On my way. I need – NEED – coffee first though. Is there a cafe nearby?

Marissa: Hayley, duh. We’re in Melbourne! There are quality cafes everywhere! Meet us for a cuppa at Becasse cafe on Level 2 of the Emporium. They serve French pastries, tortes and other artisan yummy treats.

Rachel: Yeah, they look amazing. Let’s om nom nom as much as we want, we can work it off later at the hotel’s rooftop heated swimming pool. Talk about good holiday deals!

{1:12 pm}

Rachel: Hey, I’m outside the Emporium. Should I flag a taxi for us to go to the NGV?

Hayley: What’s the NGV?

Rachel: National Gallery of Victoria. Apparently they’ve got more than 68,000 artworks in their collection, including paintings by Picasso and pottery from Ancient Egypt and Greece.

Samantha: Yes! Let’s do it. I went last year and they change their exhibitions all the time, so I’m keen to see what’s on right now. Entry is always free, too! Let’s be honest – we just spent a LOT in the mall so some free gallery visits would make my wallet happy.

Marissa: Chill, Sam! Those Michael Kors shoes were worth every dollar. You can wear them tonight when we go to the Crown Melbourne Casino.

Samantha: Good idea! Thank goodness the heel isn’t too high so I can stay in them all night. I’m glad we are checking out that film at Federation Square before painting the town red, so at least I can keep my feet up for a while and break in the new shoes.

Rachel: Okay, the taxi’s here. Stop texting and get here ASAP!

{4:43 pm} 

Hayley: OMG you guys I just saw the COOLEST street opposite the NGV! It’s covered in beautiful street art and colourful paintings. No joke – there’s an artist there right now spray painting a portrait live! He’s on this ladder and his skills are insane. Come see!

Samantha: Oh, yeah, that’s Hosier Lane! I should have taken you gals there before we went inside the NGV, it’s AMAZING, right? We’re on our way.

{Samantha’s battery died because the girls took so many photos in front of the Hosier Lane artworks, so there’s a large gap in the text messages. The next one is from 11:22 pm} 

Hosier Lane


Rachel: OH MY GOODNESS GIRLS I JUST WON $2,000 AT THE CASINO!!!! Drinks on me, ladies!

Samantha: This is super exciting! What a perfect end to our night! Not gonna lie, seeing the city lights shine from the Eureka Skydeck was one of the highlights for me, but your victory might just take the cake!

Hayley: Yeah, I’m with Sam on this one. It’s not everyday we get to say we stood on the highest public observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere!

{12.47 am}

Hayley: Rachel and I are tucked in bed in our room. Are you two alright?

Samantha: Yes, sweet dreams! It’s been a fabulous trip. Good night, girls! Can’t wait for our next girl’s holiday!

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