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Hello there!

My name is Brittany and I am part of the Owner Education team exclusively here to assist WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners. …And Guess What!?

I’m here to help you with your Ownership. This blog is specifically designed to help you get the most out of your RCI® membership.  So let me have a chat, and hopefully I answer all your questions!


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Who is RCI®?

Resort Condominiums International most commonly known as RCI® is a membership based Exchange Company which provides a platform for its members to exchange timeshare accommodation weeks with each other around the world.

As a WorldMark South Pacific Club Owner you can exchange your Vacation Credits with RCI® and have access to their accommodation options.

A lot of Owners ask ‘How does RCI® associate with the WorldMark South Pacific Club?’

Well I think it is important to note that whilst WorldMark South Pacific Club and RCI® have the same parent company – Wyndham Destinations– they are still separate entities underneath that banner.  The great thing is that the relationship we have with RCI® does give our Owners access to some additional benefits through RCI®.

Firstly, one of those great benefits is that, Privileges by Wyndham members receive a complimentary RCI® membership.

Did You Know?

  • RCI® have over 4,300 affiliated resorts in approximately 100 countries
  • You can book up to two years in advance through RCI®
  • RCI do not own, manage or run any of the resorts
  • Searching with RCI® is a fantastic option if you wish to travel somewhere you cannot use your WorldMark South Pacific Club properties


Booking RCI Properties

Now you’re probably wondering, ‘Where do I find all of these properties?’. Well, to browse through the RCI® directory of resorts you just need to:

  1. Jump onto the WorldMark South Pacific Club website
  2. Sign in with your Ownership Number and Password (Your 11 digit number)
  3. Click on ‘RCI Exchange’ located on the left hand side of the homepage
  4. Accept two terms and conditions pages
  5. You will be redirected to the RCI® search page, designed specifically for WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners – it will show you prices in Vacation Credits

Hint: ‘Check in’ days are usually Friday or Saturday – although this can vary between properties

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Exchange Bookings

There are three different types of exchange bookings that you can do with RCI®. So let’s talk more about this…

  1. Confirm First – Simply means that you confirm a reservation before you transfer your Vacation Credits into RCI®
    • Vacation Credits are only deducted after the reservation is confirmed (within three- five business days)
    • An RCI® exchange fee and housekeeping fee/token is required


  1. Spacebanking – Simply means you are transferring Vacation Credits into your RCI® account without making a booking.

Spacebanked Credits will have a lifespan within RCI® of two years, which is great for any Vacation Credits coming up to expire in your WorldMark account.

  • Once you Spacebank your Vacation Credits into RCI® they cannot be transferred back into your WorldMark Ownership
    • I would personally only recommend to Spacebank if you have Vacation Credits expiring soon
    • You must deposit a minimum of 3,000 Vacation Credits and I would recommend allowing up to 72 hours for the Vacation Credits to be transferred into your RCI® account.
    • Contact Owner Services on AU1800 850 160; NZ0800 850 160 or FJ00 800 32 63 to request your Credits be Spacebanked


  1. Instant Exchange – Is RCI®’s discounted option for last minute availability.  It will always be for 7 nights’ accommodation worldwide.
    • It only requires 3,000 Vacation Credits – regardless of the location, apartment size and season that you choose.
    • An exchange fee and housekeeping service will be charged at the time of confirmation.
    • To book you can either go online (as mentioned above) or by contacting RCI® directly on the below number


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Ongoing Search Request

Flexibility with RCI is the key to achieving successful exchanges.  If you can’t find the availability for your preferred dates make sure you place an Ongoing Search with RCI®, either online or by phoning their service centre.  Your Ongoing Search will search for availability 24 hours, 7 days a week and if your request is matched RCI® will contact you and then you will have 24 hours to confirm your booking

RCI® Exchange Fee

How much is the Exchange Fee you ask?

Australian and New Zealand members:

  • If you are travelling Domestic it is $119.00*
  • If you are travelling International it is $229.00*

*Subject to change 


If you’re a Privileges Elite, Diamond, Platinum or 100 Club member you can enjoy exchange fee discounts when you contact RCI® directly and complete your exchange over the phone – just make sure to remind them of your Privileges membership tier to ensure you get the correct discount

RCI®’s Booking Cancellation Policy

As RCI® is a separate complimentary membership it means that RCI®’s cancellation guidelines will be a little different to the WorldMark South Pacific Club Ownership

RCI®’s Standard Booking Cancellation Policy is below

  • If you are cancelling an RCI® booking more> than 22 days prior to check in then $75 is forfeited from the exchange fee.
  • If you are cancelling an RCI® booking <less than 21 days prior to check in then the entire exchange is forfeited.

Hint: I highly recommend referring to your confirmation letter after you make your booking with RCI® as some resorts have their own cancellation policy. Highlight the cancellation policy, put it on your fridge, your calendar, or your phone, do whatever you have to do to remember it – It’s vital that you don’t forget and lose your entire exchange fee.

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Nightly Stays and Split Week Resorts

Although I have said previously that accommodation with RCI® is in weekly blocks, I will mention that RCI® can offer ‘Nightly Stays’ and ‘Split Weeks’

  • There are a selected range of resorts (roughly over 600) that offer ‘Nightly Stays’ and ‘Split Week’ stays
  • This offer is available if you are a Privileges by Wyndham member
  • Destinations available throughout America, Canada, the UK as well as Europe.
  • To book you must contact RCI® directly via phone
  • You can book these resorts up to 10 months in advance
  • Housekeeping Fee and Exchange Fees will apply

So that’s basically RCI® in a nutshell!

Being able to exchange through RCI® is a great benefit available to WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners, giving you additional holiday options around the globe. RCI® have a very friendly service centre, who are there to help you make holiday memories.


RCI Credit Charts

RCI’s Credit Charts are very similar to your WorldMark South Pacific Club Credit Charts. You will notice that RCI also have Red, White and Blue seasons however these Credits are calculated for a total of seven nights. The Credit Rates for RCI will range from 4,000 Credits in a Blue Season in a Studio Apartment for seven nights and up to 12,000 Credits in a Three Bedroom Apartment for seven nights. Please see the chart below:



Contact Details

RCI® are available on the following numbers:

Australia: 1300 737 667

New Zealand: 0800 737 667

Fiji: +61 7 5588 9999


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Happy Holidaying!



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