The way to the heart is through the stomach

If food is about love – then love is about food too! A love of creating, a love of sharing, a love of eating!

Food creates memories

Did you know that taste & smell are linked to memory recall? This is why you can walk into your grandmothers’ kitchen, and instantly be taken back to your childhood . or smell that distinct waxy scent of crayons, and suddenly remember  your long lost best friend from kindy (you both enjoyed eating crayons and once she stuck one up your nose!).

When you first smell a new scent, you link it to an event, a person, a thing or even a moment1 or feeling. Does this mean if you are cooking a new dish for someone that the aromas (if a new culinary delight) will forever make them think of you and that very moment? Maybe. I love this idea as I imagine my husband will have hundreds of wonderful cooking smells which will always make him think of me. The way to the heart really is through the stomach!

So if it’s a first date or new relationship kinda situation, you want to make a good impression! Follow our love hacks guide to ensure your lasting memory imprint is a good one.

Food is about passion

Whether you enjoy making a career out of it in a professional kitchen, using it as a stress-relief outlet at home, or a way to spend time with your kids and create a wonderful feast on the table, it’s about a passion. Watching someone devour your dish can create a sense of achievement and is instant gratification. I could talk about this subject forever!  Read here  if you’re interested.


Food gathers the family (big or small)

Growing up in an Italian family, food has always been a big part of our lives. As well as bringing everyone together at the table, we have hours of quality family time during the preparation part too. And you don’t have to come from a big family to have food bring you together. Remember the end of the ABC news theme song as a kid, signalling dinner – time to gather around the table? The not-so extravagant weeknight dinner would bring the family together – and it still does now! Every Tuesday night, my husband and I, along with my sister and her partner, have family night dinner at Mum and Dad’s, and it’s a tradition I want to carry on when my daughter is born next year. Plus, it’s some one-on-one time I get to spend with my Mum each week. Food is about family and sharing the love.


Food is just fuel for our bodies – I don’t think so!

Whilst eating to replenish and refuel our bodies is vital for life, I don’t believe that is the only reason we eat.   Why else would we spend so much time thinking, dreaming, preparing and enjoying our meals?  We have such an array of flavours and fresh produce available to us in Australia, so make it interesting! As George Calombaris (Masterchef judge) rightfully said ‘[food] about warming your heart and filling your soul with happiness’ – so recreate this in your kitchen!

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Here are 5 recipes to create for your family and loved ones to express your love through food.


1.   Creamy Tortellini with Bacon and Mushrooms 
2.    Sticky Balsamic Lamb Rack with honeyed Dutch Carrots and Potato mash
3.    Chocolate Mousse
4.   Crêpe Suzette
5.    Orange & Coconut Tart


Orange & Coconut Tart


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