Qst: Time From Ground to Rooftop Pool on Lift at Wyndham Hotel Melbourne?

You asked us how long the Wyndham Hotel Melbourne’s lift would take from Reception on the Ground Floor, up to the pool on the rooftop…



“40 seconds.”





“And the lift holds 24 people.”


Reception and lobby at Wyndham Hotel Melbourne

From Reception on Ground Floor to…

Pool at Wyndham Hotel Melbourne

…This rooftop pool in 40 seconds!

Wyndham Hotel Melbourne Scavenger HuntYour long-awaited Club resort in Melbourne has just opened! During the final stages of build, we asked you to submit questions about the resort – and we brought the experts in to answer.

Three lucky local Owners – Phillip, Kathleen and Kathy – joined Hotel Manager Kate on a tour of Wyndham Hotel Melbourne to answer your questions!


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