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Hi there….I’m back!

It’s Vanessa again, your friendly Owner Education consultant. I hope you enjoyed my last blog and to our WorldMark Owners who are reading this, I hope you have attended the ‘New Owner Getting You Started’ online conference call since! If you have booked and not yet attended you are in for a real treat! Remembering what I said…

 “An Educated Owner is a Happy Owner.”

After I introduced you to my amazing team and a wonderful insight to the ‘New Owner Getting You Started’ online conference call including the benefits and what to expect, I am now going to introduce you to our next session called ‘Travel Club by Wyndham, RCI and ICE’.

Benefits of an online Conference Call:

You will find our online conference calls very interactive and informative. You will gain some very helpful tips to assist you holiday and make full use out of your Ownership all within in an hour! As a WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Owner you will be speaking directly with an expert and you will have the ability to ask questions as you are shown the presentation or you can type them into the Q&A box. You will have the ability to listen to other Owners and hear their WorldMark stories. You may also, depending on the session topic, be shown the relevant websites through a quick live navigation at the end of the session including; WorldMark South Pacific Club, Privileges by Wyndham, RCI or Wyndham Rewards. We are happy to help and guide you wherever we can.

There are currently four online conference call topics to choose from; the first is “New Owner Getting You Started” which was the topic of my last blog, and the second I am going to explain today is called “Travel Club by Wyndham, RCI and ICE”. This session is designed for our WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham Owners looking to travel overseas and wanting to use their Vacation Credits outside of the WorldMark South Pacific Club.

What to expect prior to the Travel Club by Wyndham, RCI and ICE session?

In this session you will learn how to make reservations with WorldMark, The Club which is our sister club in North America, and explore some of the Affiliate resorts available to you and their amazing locations including WorldMark Anaheim. During the one hour session you will also be shown Grab It deals and the different travel related services provided by the Travel Club by Wyndham –who are your exclusive fully licensed travel agency based here on the Gold Coast. Uncover hot travel deals using your Vacation Credits or cash and explore the many Club Tours around the world such as Canada and Alaska. You will also learn how to book holidays with RCI who is your exchange company and take a closer look into ICE membership cruise benefits using your Vacation Credits or cash – plus learn about 241 cruise certificates.

Now I can’t give too much away as you will just need to book in a session to find out more so I will leave it there.


What happens after the session is finished?

After you have attended an online conference call session you will be sent a thank you email with a short survey to fill out with your feedback about the session – we really do love hearing from you and appreciate any comments to help us make your experience a better one. Attached to the email will be a small booklet; in this particular session you will receive information on the basic Travel Club, RCI and ICE information that was covered in the session. This is great information that we have put together in case Owners missed any part of the session, or if they want a re-cap.

Tip: WorldMark Owners can print out the information booklet or save it to their computer to refer back to!

How do you book?

There are two ways you can book if you are a WorldMark South Pacific Club Owner:

  1. Contact your friendly Owner Services consultant when you make your next enquiry via email or phone, or;
  2. If you wish to book yourself online, simply visit and fill out your WorldMark Owner details in the booking form (as shown below).

Please note: It is important to ensure your details are correct in order to receive the ‘reminder’ email andlogin instructions’ email which are sent prior to the session. You may also receive a phone call to the number you provided in the booking form the day of the session. The call is a great way for your host to confirm your attendance and check that you are all ready to go after reading the login instructions, and to answer any questions you may have regarding logging into the session.

The best thing about your online conference calls is that you can attend as many times as you like!

booking form

Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email to your email address as this automatically books you into the online conference call.

The confirmation email will include:

  • The date and time of your online conference call (the time of the session will be in AEST as we are based in QLD) but you will be provided the daylight savings times in all states.
  • Information on the online conference call and what the session will cover.
  • Technical requirements for the online conference call i.e. pop up blockers, devices to use and browser suitability.
  • Simple steps on how to get connected successfully (a link will be provided for you to click on as this will open up the online webinar).

TIP: it is always a good idea to test out the link provided in the login instructions email and follow the steps before you log in prior to the session to ensure you don’t have any issues and be ready to begin on time.

How to Cancel the online Conference Call:

If you wish to cancel your upcoming session please reply to the email provided when you receive the reminder or login instructions emails, or you can simply email to cancel or if you have any questions and would like to be contacted.


Once you have logged in and your host welcomes you – all you need to do is sit back, relax, watch and listen. Feel free to take some notes as you will hear some great hints and tips along the way! If the session hasn’t began and you still have some time before it starts, go and grab yourself a cuppa or a glass of wine and get comfortable.

Remember: We can’t see you, so if you are sitting there in your pajamas we will never know!

Well that’s all from me today, if you would like to see the next available “Travel Club by Wyndham, RCI and ICE” online conference call session please fill out the booking form as mentioned above and stay tuned for another insight into the next session we have, called Privileges by Wyndham.

Take care for now!

Vanessa – Owner Education Consultant

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