Are you a Virgin Lounge Virgin?

Are you a Virgin Lounge virgin?  I was. For a long time.  But the first time was definitely worth waiting for. Being the clever cookie I am,  when I first became an Owner Education Consultant and started to travel regularly; I signed up for Virgin Australia’s free membership program Velocity. I have taken quite a few flights with Virgin over the years I have achieved enough “status points” to get me into the Velocity Gold tier, which gives me free Virgin Lounge access - among other benefits.

I absolutely LOVE the Virgin Lounge.  It feels like the epitome of being a VIP. From the moment I stepped into the Virgin Lounge I was taken in by its cool, modern décor and comfortable seating areas. I hesitantly approached the serving counter and looked at the array of food available to the weary traveler.   When I realized it was all FREE and I could just take what I wanted, I promptly grabbed a plate and made a delicious wrap, sampled the soup and crusty bread, and seated myself gracefully (or so I like to think, but doubt very much) on a chair and continued to enjoy my meal.

With my hunger satisfied, I found myself inadvertently drawn to the bar area… Standing there staring at the lovely clean glasses and available bottles of wine and beer I nearly cried out in joy – it does help settle the nerves before Take Off!  I was very cautious in pouring myself a drink and discreetly taking it back to my seating area.  Sitting there sipping my wine, I was waiting with baited breath, for someone to tap me on the shoulder and hand me a Bill! The Bill never came…  Beverages, whether they be alcoholic, juice, soft drink as well as Barista made Coffee (great for those early morning flights) is also FREE! Oh… Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! Could life be more complete!

For our Wyndham Timeshare Owners in the Privileges Platinum 100 Club you will receive One complimentary Virgin Lounge Membership per Ownership renewed each year (this allows you to bring a guest with you into the Lounge as well). If you are interested in joining independently it’s around $750 for the first year to join and then $420 I believe, each year after that.

Unfortunately you do have to have a boarding pass for a Virgin Flight to enter the Lounge – otherwise I am sure you could find me there majority of the time drinking their lovely coffees and eating that wonderful food.

Anne is an Owner Education Consultant for Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific.  Her passion is training; whether it be her 3 horses, or the wonderful WorldMark South Pacific Club Owners. As well as sharing her knowledge in a face to face group sessions, she likes to help Club Owners maximize their Ownership by providing useful tips and hints about the WorldMark South Pacific Club.

2 thoughts on “Are you a Virgin Lounge Virgin?

  1. abmarriott says:

    We of the peasant gentry dont get to fly a lot in order to get enough status, however, still get to enjoy the Virgin Lounge. By flying out in Business Class from airports where there is a Lounge gives us complimentary access to rest our weary bones and top up the inner sanctum. The other option is to book the cheap seat and lodge a tender at the minimum bid + $10 for an upgrade to business class. Been successful 8 out of the last 10 to save between $200 to $400 each time but dont bother trying on the Melb/Syd/Bris legs. Drawback is we dont get Business Class status points using this cheap skate method.

  2. anne says:

    Thanks so much for your tips abmarriott – its great to get some real life examples of how to get affordable access to the lounge; and especially lodging a tender for business class on flights; something I might look into myself :) Thanks, Anne

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