Wandrful Winter Wellness – We’ve Tested the Best

How many holidays, weekends away, romantic dates, gym sessions, visits with your nieces, important meetings and children’s footy games did you miss this winter due to having a winter cold?  Here at wandrful we calculated that collectively we missed 1 holiday, 1 weekend away, 2 romantic dates, 25 gym sessions, 2 visits with nieces, 5 important meetings and 2 children’s footy games.  Yes, for a bunch of healthy & (reasonably) young holiday lovers, the wandrful team sure did fall victim to colds, flu and the general maladies winter tends to bring.  Thankfully we’re a well and healthy team again and with a full month of winter still upon us, and sniffles, coughs and sneezes still around, we thought we’d share our hard won winter wellness wisdom with you.


Jacqi’s Winter Wellness Tip – Pretend It’s Not Happening – AKA ‘soldier on’. 

Soldier On!

Soldier On!

Although I wasn’t “patient zero”, my attitude towards being sick almost certainly helped the lurgy to spread through the team.  Protip:  If you’re sneezing, aching and generally feeling terrible…You’re Sick + Contagious!  Stay Home.

 I had stuff to do, and no time to lose with pesky sickness.  Cold + Flu Medicines worked for a little bit.  They did help me to ‘soldier on’, however I feel like they may have helped prolong the illness.  All up I was sick for about 5 of the last 7 weeks.  That’s way too long.  By the time I succumbed and had a sick day, half of the team were also sick.  I can’t say for sure, but perhaps if I’d taken a couple of days off at the beginning I may have cut that time in half.

Rating - One Lemon Wedge - Soldiering On only works for so long.

Rating – One Lemon Wedge – Soldiering On only works for so long.




Marie’s Winter Wellness Tip – Fresh & Hearty Food

How sensible is that?  As a French woman, our Marie has quite the love affair with food as it is.  As our resident healthy cook her theory is if you eat well your body has a much better chance of fighting things off!  She was sick for much less time than I was and that can definitely be attributed in part to her healthy diet.  She’s shared a couple of her hearty winter food recipes with the wandrful community including French Beef Stew & Gratin.  If you’re already sick, never fear – she’s also published her Chicken Soup recipe which the whole team swears by!

Rating - Four Lemon Wedges - How can you go wrong with Healthy & Hearty

Rating – Four Lemon Wedges – How can you go wrong with Healthy & Hearty



Erin’s Winter Wellness Tip  - Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

When you’re coughing, sneezing and full of mucus you’re using up lots of your fluid reserves says Erin.  You may not feel like drinking water, however you need to!  If you don’t stay hydrated, that fluey headache will get even worse, and you’ll feel cranky, and then you’ll feel even worse again.  It’s a vicious circle – stay hydrated!

Rating - Four Lemon Wedges - Hydration can sometimes be forgotten when you're unwell.

Rating – Four Lemon Wedges – Hydration can sometimes be forgotten when you’re unwell.




Kerrianne’s Winter Wellness Tip – Be Thoughtful

This tip makes perfect sesnse when you think about it.  Kerrianne says when she’s really sick she sleeps away from her husband, to ensure he’s less likely to get sick as well. How thoughtful!  While she’s busy recovering he can take extra care of her!  Protip: Use eucalyptus oil in a hanky or on your pillows, just to give at least the illusion of freshness when really, you’re wallowing in your own germs.

Rating - Four Lemon Wedges.  This is from our boss who loves people not to share their sickness around!

Rating – Four Lemon Wedges. This is from our boss who loves people not to share their sickness around!


Bonus Tips

The team got sick of hearing me constantly coughing.  Really Really Sick of it.  So collectively, they started treating me with their extra health wisdom.

  • Every morning, I’d come in to find a little parcel of Vitamin C + Horesradish on my desk.  Perhaps it’s because everyone swore by them, but they definitely started to improve my overall well being.
  • For when the cough got really bad Marie gave me a little throat spray that would basically numb it (great for meetings!)
  • Our boss brought an air purifier.  Ostensibly for the whole team (he was sick of us being sick too), but he placed it right beside my desk.

I even started to take getting better into my own hands.

  • Every lunchtime I’d order a freshly squeezed  juice (apple, carrot, ginger etc) with fresh cloves of garlic included.  I started with 4 cloves and when that didn’t work escalated to 8, then 10. The idea came from family folklore I guess.  My mum says that when I was sick as a little kid, she’d just give me a clove of raw garlic to eat, I’d have one big sneeze and then I’d be better.  It doesn’t work quite as miraculously as that these days – but it certainly gives you a lift.  It may be coincidence, but after about 3 days of this I was pretty much fixed! If you’re considering this, but the idea of the juice turns you off, here are some other ideas for preparing your garlic.  Protip: It might be worth NOT doing this in the middle of a workday.  The smell isn’t amazing and unless you have kind & understanding colleagues like mine, you might offend lots of people.
  • Lemon & Honey – an oldie but a goodie.  I also took small sips of room temperature pineapple juice throughout the day.  This helped make my throat feel better and was easier than making a lemon & honey drink at the office.
  • Sleep – It’s so so important.  Once I slowed down and started consciously making myself get the prescribed 8 hours (more on weekends) I really noticed the difference!


So there you have it, the wellness remedies of a bunch of wandrers.  Please bear in mind that we’re neither doctors, pharmacists nor rocket scientist and in no way, shape or form qualified to give any medical advice whatsoever.  We are, however, well versed in the art of surviving cold and flu season with minimal pain.  We hope this helps you – because we know you’d much rather take holidays, have romantic dates with your loved ones, and get back to the gym!

Got something to add? – Share your winter wellness tips below.





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