Wedding Disasters

I’m sure every bride to be hears more than their fair share of wedding disaster stories, from bad weather and wardrobe malfunctions to family fisticuffs and embarrassing drunken dance-offs. Here’s a few of the most common wedding disasters – but don’t worry we’ve found the bright side for you!


rainy wedding day

Some say it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day…but let’s  be honest that’s little consolation to the bride and her inner little girl who has always dreamed of her stunning outdoor wedding. For it to  be moved inside at the last minute = disaster!  But there really is a  silver lining to those dark rain clouds – stunning photos.

There is something beautiful about a photo in the rain. Many  photographers actually prefer a bit of ‘weather’ as it makes for  beautiful, atmospheric photos.

Clouds diffuse the light so it is actually easier for your Photographer to shoot anywhere without having to worry about the bridal party squinting or light bouncing off taffeta.


Disaster #2: TO RSVP OR NOT TO RSVP?


When you’re deep in wedding planning mode, it is exciting to work out your all-important guest list and to see who can make your special day. Most brides start with the assumption “If I invite more people than we can actually cater for, surely some will drop off and not make it”. This can work out for most, but on the odd occasion it can also land you in some pretty hot water!

Imagine your venue only catering for 80 people. You sent out 150 invitations, received 60 back, and 120 people showed up. Minor problem? This is exactly why you have the venue’s co-ordinator or the hired help. Let them deal with the caterer and figure out the possibility of making some extra food and squeezing a few more chairs in. The positives are: more of your close friends and family were super-keen to share in your special day and they arrived with the best intentions. It also means more presents :)



wedding car problems

Your wedding day has been smooth so far.  You’re looking amazing in your dress and now you’re actually on your way to the ceremony.  Then – car breaks down. First you’re in ‘the denial stage’ – this is so not happening. Then comes ‘the anger stage’ – probably characterised by colourful language directed at the driver and possibly your father if he is with you.  Finally, ‘the distraught and upset stage’ - you accept the reality, but you try so hard to not ruin your makeup with tears by fanning your eyes like a crazy person.

No sugar-coating here, if your wedding car breaks down it’s a big  problem. It will be unlikely that the company can rustle up an instant replacement. So, trust in the chauffeur to be able to contact the local taxi company to get to the ceremony ASAP. They should do their utmost to get a replacement but your best option is to ensure you engage a reputable company with plenty of cars and make sure they have a professional mechanic to check them over prior to the event.

Positive? It could be worse; your driver could drop you to the totally wrong venue!  Your lateness will also ensure you make an even grander entrance – and it WILL be funny eventually.



crying baby

Unfortunately this is one of those little things you can’t control. Do you specify no babies at the ceremony? What’s the acceptable protocol if one starts crying? Do the parents step out or stay and let them cry it out? You might stress out about it prior to the day but honestly, it will be the last thing on your mind during the ceremony. You will be so caught up in the moment, and so will your guests. Accept that you can’t control everything about the day.

On the flip side, if it was your best friend and they couldn’t get a sitter, you would much prefer them to be there baby in tow rather than not be there at all. And, babies tend to have ‘perfect’ timing – an adorable baby all emotional in your wedding video could be quite fitting.


Disaster #5: THE HANGOVER

hangoverWe’ve all seen the movie and thought that would be pretty funny if it happened to you. Well, trust me, it’s happened, and often! He was warned on numerous occasions by wife-to-be plus bridesmaids, told to drink litres of water, go easy the night before, carb-load, and get a fairly decent night’s sleep. So he ignored all and had a blowout night of drunken debauchery, knocked back a bottle of tequila, stayed up to watch the sunrise with the boys and drunkenly bonded with his new father-in-law by promising him how good he will treat you.

The big day has now arrived and he’s shattered, broken, missing his spark, missing an all important piece of clothing or worse yet, THE rings! Positives? Your chance to make him suffer! You know all those last minute errands? Delegate them ALL to him. Give him your checklists, ask him to pack, call the co-ordinators and square away the guest list.

He will still be in a world of torture but nothing that a Bloody Mary and lots of breath mints won’t fix. Plus, after his physical pain ends, the mental pain kicks in with the disappointing faces and snickering guests.  It will be a character building day for him, if he manages to survive!  Remember all’s fair in love, war & weddings.


Disaster #6: MR & MRS FORGETFUL


Standing at the alter in front of 100 people is likely going to send your stomach into a whirlwind of knots unless you have spent most of your life giving speeches. With all the stress and/or excitement it is a fairly common practise to fumble your way through or completely forget your vows. Even if you have intensely prepared, once you’re up there and taking in everything magical and emotional about the moment you may forget the entire thing!

Don’t worry it’s not the end of the world although it might feel like it at the time. Some couples write on little cards and provide to the celebrant in case of an emergency. In the end, people won’t remember what you said anyway, they will remember how your ceremony made them FEEL. And remember, it could be worse, Remember when Ross from Friends got his bride’s name wrong. Watch the cringe worthy moment again here.


Disaster #7: THAT GUEST…

drunk dancer

After months of planning, not to mention the hefty investment, you want your wedding to go off without a hitch. No matter how prepared you are there is always going to be the off chance of at least one guest behaving badly. I’ve heard some couples don’t even want to serve alcohol for fear that their guests will overdo it. Some couples will also attest to drunken guests ruining their wedding. Let’s take a look at a brighter side to this particular flavour of wedding disaster. Someone has decided to slip through the net and declare they are THE BEST dancer and take total control of the dance floor for the entire night.

If there is an open bar, guests can get completely out of control, heckle during the speeches and tabletop dance the night away.  As long as it doesn’t end in violence – I say these wild guests only make the night more interesting and provide a good laugh/story/video for later that they will never live down!


The truth about weddings is that no matter how much you plan, there’s no way to script the entire thing. And remember it’s just one (albeit very important) day in your long life together as husband and wife and if you had a little disaster, you now have a unique story to tell. Just remember to breathe, stay calm and carry on!

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