Should you go Whale Watching?

Find out if you’re the type of person to go whale watching in our definitive guide on what to expect and what not to expect.

Ready for a ‘whale’ of a time? OK, I apologise – but the pun was just begging to be said! 

What is whale watching?

You go out on a boat along the coast of Australia, then find and ogle a bemused whale making its annual migration to warmer waters. Think David Attenborough wildlife documentary, but without the close-ups and underwater cameras.

Whale watching at sunset

What is whale watching?

The pros

  • Speeding across the Pacific Ocean, the wind in your hair, salty spray on your face.
  • Feeling smug when your sharp eyes (if you do say so yourself) spot a whale on the horizon before anyone else.
  • Keeping pace with cheeky dolphins surfing in the wake of a humpback whale – sometimes you may even be lucky enough to see the elusive sea turtle.
  • Having a beer, tea, coffee, or other beverage of choice and watching the sunset – on a boat!
Sunset on a whale watching cruise

Enjoying the sunset whilst on a whale watching cruise

The cons

  • Whale watching involves another ‘w’ word… waiting. Waiting to find a whale, waiting for the whale to resurface, waiting for the whale to breach (see below). Just lots of waiting.
  • It’s cold! Dress like you’re going to Antarctica, and then some.
  • Humpback whales rarely frolic around your boat like friendly puppies. Or ‘breach’: majestically fling themselves out of the water in a perfect photo opportunity.
  • After a whale is seen at “3 o’clock”, expect to get trampled by your fellow passengers running to the part of the boat in question.
A breaching whale

A ‘breaching’ whale

Whale watching

A ‘surfacing’ whale


  • Make sure you’re prepared to combat seasickness – there’s nothing worse.
  • Keep your eyes peeled – on the ocean, not the small screen of your camera. Otherwise you’ll find yourself getting so intent on getting a brag-worthy picture, that you may miss seeing these majestic creatures with your own eyes (true story!).

Have you been whale watching or are eager to go? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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