Why the Gold Coast is ARRRGuably Australia’s Pirate city

Avast! Gold Coast is the Pirate city of Australia!

Not only is the Gold Coast home to the best beaches and surf ever known to pirate-kind, but I believe it is the new home for all the landlubbing wandrers of Australia. Here’s why.



Captain Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl have anchored and now call the Gold Coast home. The 5th installment of the fantasy swashbuckler films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer is being filmed at Movie World sound studios. If you are town, keep an AYE AYE out for superstar Johnny Depp.

Pirates of The Caribbean is on the Gold Coast



Gold Coast has its very own Captain Jack who is a Magician as well as a Pirate. He specialises in little pirates entertainment but will happily join in on any pirate parties of all ages. He has an uncanny resemblance to the real Jack Sparrow with quick comedic wit and amazing hand magic tricks that will leave you wanting more.

Captain Jack Pirate Magician




The Maranoa tall ship is one of a kind, being the only wooden sailing ship on the Gold Coast. This extraordinary ship was built in 1964 in Tasmania and has a boat load of features like an open fore deck, a covered quarter deck, a cosy cabin below and BBQ facilities built into the table on the back deck! You can cruise the Gold Coast seaways and even be entertained by Captain Jack the Pirate Magician himself.

The Maranoa Tall Ship Sailing the Seven Seas




Yes, a Pirate Park. Located in Palm Beach on the Southern end of the coast, this park has lots of things for the little scallywags – they can walk the plank, delve around the hidden tunnels and treasure map or swing on the barrel swings.

Palm Beach Pirate Park


ARRRe you ready set sail to the Gold Coast? AYE AYE!

Stay at Surfers Paradise or even Kirra Beach.

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