If Wyndham resort locations were superheroes II

Like all the great superhero flicks, our Wyndham Vacation Resort destinations/superhero crossover article is back, and this time … it means business.

We love our resorts as much as we love caped crusaders. Spread across 26 locations around the Asia Pacific, there’s a hotel for everyone when you join our Wyndham Timeshare family. The next time your eyes are peeled for a holiday package deal, consider these location ideas:


Though relatively unknown prior to 2015, Ant-Man has been a player in the Marvel universe since his introduction in 1979. Now a part of the cinematic universe as well, this little guy might not be getting bigger in size, but his reputation sure is.

We almost touched upon this great location in our previous article, but Fiji gets a mention again thanks to its comparability to this tiny hero. Though small, Ant-Man can pack a heck of a punch, which is why he is such an awesome character.

Fiji is the little hero of the Asia Pacific, at only 18,720 square-kilometres of land space (not much larger than Sydney). However, its reputation is widely regarded – who hasn’t heard of this tropical island paradise? Sipping cocktails on a beach next to your Denarau Island resort or exploring the many local splendours of this fantastic archipelago is the dream of tourists the world over (just ask Jim Carrey’s character from The Truman Show).

Wyndham Resort Denarau is a great place to take a timeshare holiday, thanks to its convenient west coast location and world-class facilities. It has an on-site day spa if you want to relax, and other amenities such as kayak hire and a tour desk for when you are itching to explore.

Wyndham Resort Fiji

Wyndham Resort Fiji


Guardians of the Galaxy

Though not strictly a singular superhero, thanks to 2014′s US$333 million-grossing blockbuster, this team has skyrocketed to fame (or perhaps spacerocketed is the word?). Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Drax combine forces for the ultimate hero team, with witty jokes and plenty of action.

So where could you possibly compare to this (inter)stellar team? It needs to be somewhere with plenty of diverse attractions, including a mixture of both wilderness and science. For us, Perth takes the spot.

Perth is one of the most isolated capital cities in the world, thanks to the great expanses of the Aussie outback that lie between it and the next major city. A bit like outer space, if you ask us.

However, it has some pretty standout attractions that make it an important tourist destination in its own right. For example, did you know that the WA government states that Perth’s Kings Park is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world? In addition, Energy Smart says it has around 3,200 hours of sunlight each year – about eight hours a day.

So what about the attractions themselves?

For wildlife, make sure you visit Caversham Wildlife Park or Perth Zoo – both excellent spots to see some animals. There are numerous encounters here where you can get up close and personal with the locals, such as hand-feeding kangaroos, holding koalas or simply watching an informative talk at your favourite enclosure.

As for science, make your first stop on the quest for technology Scitech. Here you can see exhibits such as ‘Space School’, which teaches you about how astronauts train underwater in order to figure out how best to work in outer space. There’s also ‘Space Junk’, a visual treat that explores the future of Earth’s orbit, and the clutter of debris that is beginning to get out of hand.

Wyndham Timeshare Owners can book their holiday at Wyndham Outram Perth, right in the CBD. This contemporary hotel is mere minutes from some of the city’s iconic locations, and makes for a cosy stay to return to at night for a meal, drink or simply a sleep.

Wyndham Resort Perth

Wyndham Resort Perth

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