If Wyndham Resort Locations Were Superheroes

Who doesn’t love superheroes?

They inspire us, and in turn we aspire to join them. Some of the greats don’t even have super abilities, but are instead spectacular in their own, natural right. Don’t those qualities sound like a great holiday destination, too? We think so.

When you join the Wyndham Timeshare family, you are entering into a world of not just a single, affordable holiday destination, but 26 of them – spread across the entire Asia Pacific region! To help you decide where you’d like to visit (first), we’ve compared some of our favourites to the superheroes we all know and love.


On a similar yet entirely different scale of brilliance, Batman/Bruce Wayne (who first appeared in ‘Detective Comics’, 1939) is known not only for his technological genius, but also his immense cunning. He is capable of tackling the rich and glamorous world of daytime Gotham, but also stepping out at night and stalking through the dark streets.

Sydney is not nearly as dangerous as Gotham, so let’s take the insane criminals out of the Batman picture for a second. However, the NSW capital is an intelligent, dazzling place during the day, filled with numerous tourist attractions renowned around the world. When night falls, regions such as Kings Cross light up in a neon glow, flushed with people looking for a good time in the numerous bars, clubs and restaurants that bless the CBD.

Wyndham Resort Sydney mirrors these two parallels, offering a range of modern facilities for the day, such as a fully equipped gymnasium, as well as a 24-hour reception for all your evening needs. Make sure to try the Thai massage centre here, as we’re sure Bruce himself would.

superhero child boy flying


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is somewhat of a hidden gem in the current mainstream superhero world. She has yet to grace our modern silver screens, but is a character not to be ignored. She is strong, independent and gorgeous, and hails from a place known to few – Themyscira, or Paradise Island.

You could consider Fiji the island paradise of our Wyndham Vacation Resort destinations, but we think New Zealand takes the cake today. The town of Wanaka, in the lower South Island, is a popular holiday spot both in summer and winter, but yet if you ask someone abroad about it, they will likely have never heard of the place. Wanaka doesn’t need the international fame, however, because while other locations take much of the glory, the sunny lakeside town keeps humbly providing the same quality experiences time and time again.

Our resort here is Wyndham Resort Wanaka, an elegant building set beneath a backdrop of dramatic mountains and a mere stone’s throw from azure Lake Wanaka itself. Feeling chilly? Try the hot tub and heated outdoor swimming pool. Sun shining outside? Grab a bicycle from our hire shop and explore the town – you’re guaranteed to find something to your liking.

Child superhero portrait


Iron Man

Popularised in cinema by Marvel Studio’s US$3 billion-grossing Cinematic Universe, Iron Man/Tony Stark is a suave, charming and ludicrously brilliant character. He is surrounded by advanced technology, living in a near-sci-fi world all of his own.

We reckon Singapore is the closest destination you’ll get to Iron Man’s personality. It is a special city, featuring a wealth of modern amenities that go above and beyond the call of duty. In addition, this city is its own city state – facing off against the rest of the world without needing help, just like Iron Man.

Wyndham Asia Pacific has two associate properties here for Privileges by Wyndham members: Days Hotel Singapore at Zhongshan Park and Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park.

What superheroes would you compare our destinations with?

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