Bring summer back to meal times

As the days start to warm up, and the nights get balmy, dinner time should become more relaxed and casual – bring summer back to meal times. Think BBQ’s and salad on the back verandah, fish and chips on the beach, and easy-pack picnic style dinners (and lunches) to grab-and-go.

We’re about helping, giving our tips and advice, great inspiration, AND we think you’d look great eating…

around the pool

on the verandah

at the beach

in the park

or just around your dinner table – a more relaxed look for you. Try it on!

That’s why we’ve compiled our best bringing summer back dinner inspirations and recipes to get you there.

Salads & Sides

All recipes serve a family of 4

Greek salad

Simply dice 2 roma tomatoes, 1 block of Danish feta cheese and 3 Lebanese cucumbers. Place in a bowl with 200g black olives, drizzle with olive oil or your favourite salad dressing and voila!

Grilled Haloumi in Lemon juice

Slice 2 blocks of haloumi cheese into 1cm thick pieces. Brown both sides in a fry pan with a little olive oil and a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Serve warm.

Baby Spinach, Beetroot, Cucumber & Goats Cheese salad

Combine 200g of fresh baby spinach leaves with 1 can of beetroot wedges (or 2 home-roasted beets), 2 diced cucumbers, a handful of fresh Walnuts and crumbled Goats cheese. Drizzle with a little olive oil to serve.


Caprese salad

One of my favourites! Slice 300g of bocconcini cheese and arrange on a platter with 3 sliced vine-ripened tomatoes, topped with fresh basil leaves. Drizzle with balsamic glaze and season with cracked pepper and sea salt. This salad also makes a great French stick filling too for those grab-and-go meals!

Grilled Corn Cobs with Sweet Chilli butter

When the BBQ is cranked, wrap whole corn cobs in aluminium foil parcels. Before sealing securely, add a knob of butter and sweet chill sauce. As the corn cooks, the butter and sauce will melt and marinate the corn.


Potato salad

Boil 500g potatoes and 2 eggs, then dice once cooled. Meanwhile, dice and fry 200g of bacon. Stir through 2 tablespoons of sour cream, 4 tablespoons of whole-egg mayonnaise and 2 teaspoons of wholegrain mustard. Adjust the sauce according to how tangy you want it – more mustard or sour cream.

Avocado and Mango Curry salad

Slice & combine 2 fresh mangoes (1 can of mangoes also do the trick when not in season), 2 avocados, ¼ fresh pineapple (or 1 small can of pineapple chunks) & 1 butter lettuce. Separately, sauté 1 small brown onion with 2 teaspoons of curry powder, 1 tablespoon of mango chutney or jam, ½ cup of whole-egg mayonnaise and pineapple juice (only if you have some left). Stir curry sauce through fresh salad and add a handful of chopped macadamia nuts. Add some pulled, roast chicken and this makes a great bread roll filling for those grab-and-go lunches or dinners!

Roast Potato in its jacket

Wash, but don’t peel 4 large potatoes. Score a deep cross into the top of each so you can stuff with your choice of toppings once cooked.  Wrap in aluminium foil parcels and cook in the basket hanger of the BBQ (or ditch the aluminium foil and cook in the microwave). Once soft, choose your fillings and serve piping hot:

Filling ideas:

  • Bacon, sour cream and rosemary
  • Sour cream and chives
  • Capsicum, Mozzarella cheese and thyme


Can be added to any salads and sides listed above

Sizzle Steaks

Sprinkle with some sea salt and lemon juice as cooking in a fry pan with a little olive oil. Serve with grilled haloumi and blanched broccolini for a super quick meal.

BLAT Burgers

Loaded with yummy grilled bacon, crisp iceberg lettuce, juicy tomato and creamy ripe avocado, this is another easy grab-and-go meal. View the recipe.

BLAT Burgers

Meatballs in Tuscan sauce

Combine 1kg of your choice of minced meat with 1 cup of breadcrumbs, chopped parsley and 2 eggs. Season and mix to combine. Roll into balls and place into a baking tray.  Top with 1 can of Italian chopped tomatoes, 1 diced brown onion and 500ml chicken stock. Bake in an oven set at 180oc for 30-40 minutes or until cooked through and sauce has thickened slightly.

Grilled Chicken breast

Season flattened chicken breast (or strips) with cracked pepper and sea salt, or try sprinkling some Vegeta Gourmet Chicken stock on before grilling. These are great as a sandwich filler combined with one of the salads above (Greek or baby spinach, beetroot, cucumber & Goats cheese salad would go best).

BBQ Chicken Skewers with Curry Mayonnaise sauce

Dice and thread chicken breast pieces onto metal skewers (or soaked bamboo skewers) and cook on the BBQ. Follow the same sauce recipe from the Avocado and Mango Curry salad: Sauté 1 small brown onion with 2 teaspoons of curry powder, 1 tablespoon of mango chutney or jam, ½ cup of whole-egg mayonnaise and pineapple juice (only if you have some left).


Gourmet Sausages

An easy cook-up on the BBQ or in a fry pan – try Chicken and Rosemary, Beef and Pepperberry, or Pork and Sage sausages served with Baby spinach, beetroot, cucumber & Goats cheese or Potato salad.

Mexican Chicken wraps

This is a more healthy take on Mexican, heavy on salad and much lighter on the cheesiness! An alternative to boring sandwich, these wraps would make a great lunch time snack too. View the recipe.




For the children and adults

Lemon, Lime and Bitters

Swish some Angostura bitters around the bottom of your glass. Add 10-15 ml of lime juice and top with fizzy lemonade. For that resort feel, add a fresh slice of lemon and lime with a swizzle stick.

Corona with a fresh lime wedge

A classic, made that little extra special served with a fresh lime (or lemon) wedge


Fizzy Fruit Punch

Pour 1 part Ginger-Ale, 1 part tropical fruit juice and 2 parts lemonade over ice cubes. Add some fresh fruit combinations for a cocktail look (we like strawberries, apples, kiwi fruit, passion fruit and oranges) and some Vodka, sparkling wine or your favourite fruit flavoured liquor for that cocktail taste.

Fizzy Fruit Punch


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