You’d look great… in resort wear

The warm spring sunshine has arrived. You’re packing for your first holiday of the season and you’re confronted with a true #firstworldproblem. How to look effortlessly stylish on holiday yet travel super light?

Depending on your destination, you might be in for 35 degree heat & humidity or, tropical afternoon thunderstorms! Whatever the weather, you’re on holidays and you want to look radiant and relaxed yet a teeny bit glamourous around those pools and restaurants. Popular Australian designer label TALULAH has released a beautiful Swim & Resort Wear collection that screams versatility, effortless chic and is ultimately fashionable. Through our partnership with TALULAH, we have all their tips for adding that bit of style into your suitcase for every change in latitude. Here are some of our Wandr-woman Resort wear tips;



Remember, swimmers are for swimming in! Fashionable wandrers know they should be kept strictly to the pool or beach.  That means they’re not worn to the shops, to dinner, and definitely not sight-seeing. Always be prepared to cover up poolside with a play-suit, sarong or beautiful cotton kaftan that still allows air flow but co-ordinates with your swimmers for an instant chic pulled-together beach look. Particularly in humid climates, tame that frizzy hair by keeping it tidy and pulled back, to help protect it from the salt and chlorine, pop some conditioner onto dry hair before you go swimming. Most importantly, always wear a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect your face from the harsh sun.


If you’re active and want to see it all you must be comfortable and at ease otherwise you will be over sight-seeing before it begins. Especially if it’s hot!  To add a bit of style for a casual day to day vibe, we love TALULAH’S simple styling of a casual short sleeved white dress and hat. This is also a good choice if you intend to visit any religious buildings as it’s more respectful to cover your shoulders. If your holiday activities are a little more strenuous though then don’t go past loose shorts or hippie pants and tees. Also if you’re worried about getting a chill, take a lightweight jacket for a smarter look if that sun disappears.



Unless you’re in a nightclub/party destination you tend to want to wear something comfortable that will take you from the shops straight to a night out at dinner. For something short, play-suits added with kitten heels or fabulous wedges are in, or for the cooler evenings in fancy restaurants a maxi dress is a must for a little more coverage. If your maxi dress looks too casual, just change up the height of your heels, add a little cropped cardigan and a bright flower in your hair. Totally stylin’ now!


Last but certainly not least, some fabulous (yet inexpensive) accessories on your travels are a must. Always pack some bright hair clips, bangles, necklaces and a simple clutch and you will be holidaying in style in no time. So get those itineraries ready – and maybe your passports – because spring/summer vacation season is here and we’ve got all you’re bases covered so “You look great…. in Resort wear!”




Alex is another piece of furniture with over 10 years experience at Wyndham. She is an ambitious Millennial marketer that loves keeping up to date with the ever  changing innovative ideas, technology and trends. She loves everything  about holidays  but a few faves are skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, scootering, tennis  and of course  shopping!




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